10 Bedroom Decor Ideas So Good, You’ll Want to Lounge in Bed All Day

Considering that bedrooms are nothing more than four walls of personal space, it’s amazing how tricky they can be to get right. For starters, it can be hard to decide where exactly to place your bed and still have enough room for storage, and figuring out which colors to use can be a daunting process. 

Thankfully, you can always turn to inspiration from designers to help you hone your taste, from the color palettes you gravitate toward to the vibe you’d like to emulate. We gathered 10 bedroom decor ideas to get you started, which not only cover the basics but also provide solutions for more specific issues. With these bedrooms as your guide, this private sanctuary will soon have your name all over it. 
If you’re into black and white… Camille Hermand Architecture
Black and white is a classic combination for a bedroom, but a straightforward approach to this look usually just includes furniture pieces and paint. For a fresh take, follow this example from Camille Hermand Architecture and use a black-and-white wallpaper as an accent wall to anchor the bed. Add in pops of color—like the bright pink curtains and matching sconces—to bring the room together. 
If you want the royal treatment… Photo by Jessica Antola
There’s nothing like a dramatic headboard to make you feel like royalty every morning and night, and that’s why this bedroom is so appealing. The canopy’s yards of blue fabric match the walls, and the surrounding maximalist design brings in plenty of color. Sleep in a place like this and you’ll wake up feeling like a queen.
If you want to be fun yet practical…  Photo by Cody Guilfoyle
Sometimes, we think that in order to have a space with personality, we have to sacrifice practicality. This bedroom proves that you don’t have to choose, thanks to its colorful animal-print wallpaper and built-in bookcase. There’s storage and sass, and nothing had to be spared. 
If you like pops of color… Photo by Heidi’s Bridge
Here’s another fun fix if you like color but don’t want to give up on white walls: Add pops of it by choosing three or so shades for your design. Use them on your bed linens, rug, pillows, and artwork, for instance, and you’ll have the sleek look of white with the excitement of a colorful palette. 
If you want to highlight an awkward wall… Photo by Heidi’s Bridge
It’s far too easy to ignore an awkward break in a straight wall, but this example shows how it can actually be the perfect spot to highlight a small art collection. If you manage to fit in a perfectly sized nightstand nearby, then that’s even better. 
If you can’t get enough of one shade… Photo by Jason Frank Rothenberg
Monochromatic designs can make for a dramatic effect in a bedroom, especially if you pick a similarly moody shade like the indigo one seen in Garance Doré’s bedroom. Layer the space with variations on your hue of choice, and add in one or two complementary colors to keep it all interesting. And as always, a plant never hurts to round things out. 
If you want a totally ’80s vibe… Photo by Jason Frank Rothenberg
Draw inspiration from ’80s prints with this bold bedroom. The crescent headboard and its black-and-white print is a throwback to the decade, but the surrounding sconces and nightstands make it feel modern. As long as you mix old with new, your bedroom will honor the past without feeling dated. 
If you’re craving a little romance… Photo by Meghan Mcneer
There’s nothing like a canopy bed to make a bedroom feel romantic, and that sentiment is really embraced with a bold floral fabric. The surrounding wainscoting in this bedroom feels traditional, but thanks to the wall’s curved detail and the bright orange lumbar pillow, the space also comes across as playful and fresh. 
If you need a perpetual vacation… Photo by Bénédicte Ausset Drummond
If a bedroom is supposed to be a sanctuary, perhaps it should feel like an endless vacation. If you agree, consider using a tropical wallpaper to bring that idea alive. This colorful print adds a smile-inducing detail to an otherwise blank room, and it also subtly highlights the angles of the space. 
If you want a cozy feel… Photo by Trevor Smith
Since it’s a well-known fact that wood makes a room feel warmer, why not use it as a striking wall feature? This wood-paneled wall perfectly contrasts the other natural accents in the space, while also complementing the blush color of the pillows. It works best in a room with a lot of natural light and for someone who likes a more laid-back feel.
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