10 Gift Ideas For Your Favorite Couple

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My husband and I often get joint gifts from our loved ones around the holidays. They are always very thoughtful and the gifts we treasure for years. Ive put together some of my favorite gifts for your favorite couple. These gifts are great for holidays, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and everyday occasions.

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Cultivate What Matters For Couples

Digital Download

Around this time last year, I purchased a Cultivate What Matters Goal Planner for myself and when it arrived it came with a free couples mini version. My husband and I spent New Years Eve writing our 2019 goals together as a couple and we had so much fun. I would buy this for my marriage again this year or for any friends who also love goal planning as much as we do. Its a fun gift and the digital download options gives you the opportunity to customize your gift with some fun photos or a fun book.

Custom Socks

Under $25

For the couple with a fun sense of humor these are a great option. Im sure my husband would love to walk around with my face on his socks hahahaha! My best friend and I actually bought these for our husbands last year but we put their faces on it. So my husband got socks with her husbands face on them and vice versa. It was truly a gift that kept on giving when they started wearing them to game night. The quality is honestly great and I would buy them again.

Love & Kindness Cards

Under $23

This one is extra special as its designed by a local business owner and you know we love all things local here on 614 Mom. :) This deck of cards is a perfect stocking stuffer for the couple in your life or to have on hand for you and your partner. The front of the card offers a concept or a challenge. The back of the card explains the concept in easily understood terms. In todays world where people have so little time, this is a fun and easy way to connect every day. Create the connection you have always wanted by spending just a few minutes a day. These cards are great for relationships in good shape or for relationships that need some fine-tuning.

Date Night In a Box

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One year I pre purchased 12 months of date for my husband. I made it very easy for us to spend that time together every single month by planning and paying for them the year before. While that would be fun to do again, it was A LOT of work. To make things a little easier but still as thoughtful I think putting together a date night in a box would be a great gift. You can use it right away or put it in the closet to use when you need a date night but the kids are sick, your babysitter canceled, or just because. Ive put together a full list of fun ideas on my Amazon page that you can check out.

Cozy Blanket


I found this is searching for items for the date night in a box but I think this blanket is a perfect gift on its own. Who doesnt love to curl up under a blanket at any point in the day? My husbands grandma gifts us blankets every year for Christmas and honestly, I look forward to it every year! :-)

Beautiful Decor

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Listen - I dont think you should go around buying home decor for people you dont know very well but Lovely Grain Studio offers beautiful timeless pieces. Brooke can create a custom piece with a quote you know means a lot to the couple or even a precious handwritten sign in the handwriting of a loved one. Personally, I am trying to locate a written version of my grandmas amazing homemade noodles to get printed for my kitchen. I dont know that she ever wrote it down though - if I find it Im calling Lovely Grain immediately.

Winc Subscription

4 Bottles for $39 + FREE shipping

We recently gave Winc a try and were fans. We are not heavy drinkers but we do like to try new wines - mainly white wine. This is such a fun way to try new wine without breaking the bank and it gives us an at-home date night. Thats a win-win in my book.

Family Portrait

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I recently accepted a position to be a Huntington Bank ambassador - and on the very first day they gifted us a hand-drawn family portrait in a beautiful frame and I just love it! We had no idea it was going to be sitting on the table when we arrived and I wish I could show you a video of everyone arriving and seeing their portrait for the first time. The local to Columbus artist is so talented and I have ours on my nightstand. You cant go wrong with something like this.

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Couple Photo Session

Ashley D Photos

Engagement sessions are very popular but very few couples have photos of just the two of them 5, 10, 15+ years in. Why not? They are the reason the beautiful family even exists and I think it is so important for couples to have photos of their love. Imagine how fun it would be to do your engagement session again after 15 years of marriage. Thats special. Ashley D Photos is amazing and I would happily hire her for something like this. Tell her 614 Mom sent ya ;)

What I Love About Us Book

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My husband purchased this for me a few years ago and its truly a gem. He answered it in such fun ways and added it to my stocking as a gift. I still read it and love it. He made sure to add some humor to it and it brings a smile to my face. This is great for your spouse or to gift your favorite a blank copy so they can fill it out for each other.

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