5 Tips for a Peaceful Bedroom

I put myself last on the list fairly often. I think its something a lot of busy moms do. This is even true when it comes to decorating our bedrooms in our house. Both of the kids rooms have been done and the playroom/TV room (that was once Grambos bedroom) has been painted and redecorated a few times. But our master bedroom still looked the same as when we moved in eight years ago.

I was ready for a change. I was ready to create a master bedroom space that was a peaceful bedroom sanctuary!

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Master bedroom decorated in shades of gray, white, and black


Sometimes it feels like our master bedroom is one of the hearts of our home. The kids and the dogs love spending time in our room with us. Who am I kidding? They like to spend time in the master bedroom without us.

It feels like Im always picking up odds and ends from around my room and putting them away in the kids rooms. So, it doesnt always feel like my bedroom is a peaceful sanctuary where I can go to relax and unwind. Its something Ive wanted to change for a while now but couldnt quite figure out what to do.

My partnership with LifeProof inspired me to finally take on the master bedroom project and work on creating a more peaceful space. The kids and dogs are always welcome in our room, but Ive used a few easy ideas to turn it into more of a sanctuary for us to retreat to at the end of our busy days.

Master bedroom decorated in shades of gray, white, and black


I remember a time when we painted Grambos room a green we thought would look great. Once it was on the walls, it was far too lime-colored and bright to be a soothing bedroom space. That taught me how important it is to choose a color scheme that you find calming and relaxing.

Lately, I crave a clean feel when it comes to color on the walls. Weve been painting a lot of rooms a light gray. But Ive moved on to white. I wasnt sure if it would be too white or too bright to feel like a relaxing space. But when its paired with shades of gray, it just gives me the feeling of a clean space I can really relax in.

So, a color scheme is a very personal decision and you may have to play with a few options to get what you like.

Gray vinyl flooring with a gray and white rug on top

We paired a true white paint on the walls with our new LifeProof Grey Ceramic Sheet Vinyl flooring sold at The Home Depot. I was working with the black furniture weve had since we were married so I knew the gray and white would work well with that. I was also looking for clean lines so the look of the Grey Ceramic sheet vinyl flooring with white walls was perfect for me. It was a huge change from the worn-out carpet and brown walls we had before.

When I step into the room now, I feel like I can take a deep breath and let my shoulders relax.

Once youve chosen the color scheme that gives you the feeling youre looking for, you can build on it throughout the rest of the room.

Dog laying on a king sized bed


The bed is usually the focus of the bedroom, no matter how big or small the room. Thats definitely the case for us. We have a king-sized bed that we got after we got married. That means weve had the bed frame for over 11 years and while Ive debated getting a new bed, the easiest way to change the look and feel of your bed is with new bedding.

Gray and white quilt bedding set with pillow that says LOVE on it

Find bedding that is soft and gives you a comfy feel. For me and the clean feeling I was aiming for, I wanted bedding that featured my gray and white color scheme while offering a little pop of personality. I also wanted to avoid anything too bulky.

Oh, and white sheets. Theres nothing like fresh and clean white sheets to make your bed feel like a place you want to crawl into and enjoy.

Gray nightstand with mirrored doors sitting next to a black bedframe


There is something magic about decluttering and this holds true for every room of the house. When I declutter and minimize, my mind is more at ease and I find myself enjoying the space more. So, if you have a bedroom that has a lot going on in it, consider minimizing.

This could mean focusing on making sure the room has one purpose. If you have a work desk or exercise equipment in your bedroom, think about moving it to a different location. Make your bedroom about relaxing and getting rest.

Decluttering can also mean tackling areas like nightstands and shelves you might have in your room. Im terrible when it comes to my nightstand. It used to be packed full of all sorts of things. It was also cluttered on top with books, my hearing aids, a partial cup of water, and whatever else I stashed there. Clearing that off and cleaning out the nightstands felt like I was making more space for myself. It was definitely freeing.

Master bedroom decorated in shades of gray, white, and black

Ive also minimized the number of electronics we have in our bedroom. I used to have all sorts of chargers right next to me on my nightstand. Now Ive moved where I charge my watch and my hearing aids so theyre not right next to me all night. We did decide to keep our television in the room because the only time we use it is when the kids snuggle in for a movie night with us.

So, consider disconnecting and decluttering your space to make it more relaxing and peaceful.

Gray and white throw rug next to a king sized bed


Details like area rugs and curtains can really add to the feeling of your own personal sanctuary in your bedroom. For our master bedroom, I built off the combination of the gray in our LifeProof Sheet Vinyl flooring and the white walls to find area rugs that fit into the color scheme. I was worried about not having carpet in our bedroom because its what Ive always had.

But the durability and gorgeous look of the LifeProof Grey Ceramic Sheet Vinyl flooring has made me a believer! It was easy to get that soft touch I wanted by adding rugs. I also love that theyre easy to change up if I want a different feel to the room later.

Gray sheer curtains hanging down to the floor

Curtains are another simple way to add something extra to your space. If you have issues with too much natural light in your bedroom, consider some light-blocking curtains to help you sleep better. But if youre just going for a peaceful spa-like feel, consider hanging some sheer curtains. They help give the room a finished look and fit well into a light and relaxing feel.

Gray lamp with a base of crackled glass sitting on a gray nightstand


The little details are where you can add your own personality and make your bedroom truly your own special space. I love to mix and match to get a feel that is unique and fits my vision. In addition to rugs and lamps there are some accessories to think about when youre planning a peaceful bedroom:

  • Lamps
  • Wall art
  • Additional furniture like chairs, shelves, etc.
  • Extra linens like throw blankets and pillows
  • Storage options with style like baskets

Large gray and white basket sitting in the corner of a bedroom

Lamps, wall art, and accessories can be inspirational pieces for an entire room. I found the large basket and knew I wanted to continue the feeling throughout the room. It inspired our new lamps with a bit of a glam feel and new nightstands that pulled the gray from the flooring while also having a pop with the mirrors in the doors.

Glass knob on a nightstand with a mirrored door

I think the new accessories in our bedroom have really helped complete the look I was going for. I find that keeping it fairly simple and clean is an easy way to create a space that you can feel relaxed in. But you dont have to compromise on expressing yourself and having a space that feels like its yours either!

Dogs laying on a king sized bed in a master bedroom decorated in gray and white

While we made some bigger changes in our master bedroom to create a clean and crisp feel that helps me relax. Our change in flooring to LifeProof Sheet Vinyl from The Home Depot has inspired me to continue working on creating a clean and open feeling in every room of our home! But you dont have to make all of those huge changes, you can stick to the smaller things and still have an enormous impact on your space.

Declutter and tidy up, then find some new linens and accessories to turn your bedroom into a peaceful place to spend your downtime or wind down from the day. Its worth it and as busy moms, we deserve it!


Peaceful bedroom in gray and white color scheme

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