7 Cheap And Easy Ways To Get More Organized In A Hurry

This time last year, I wrote a post about 9 quick and affordable organizing hacks. Because while certain retailers would have you believe that you need to spend a fortune to get properly organized, I personally couldn’t disagree more!

In fact, there are so many good, affordable organizing hacks out there that I decided it was high time to share some more of them with you! Today’s post will be a follow-up of sorts to one from last year I mentioned above, so be sure to check that out if you missed it!

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7 More Cheap And Easy Organizing Hacks

1. Smarter Storage For Shopping Bags
It’s all too easy to forget your reusable shopping bags when you’re heading to the grocery store. But storing them in the right spot can make it easier to remember them!

Mount a magazine holder or file organizer somewhere that you’ll see them when you’re leaving for the store. It will serve as a good reminder to grab them on your way out the door!

2. Use A Pill Organizer For Earrings
Keep your earring collection organized and tidy by storing them in a pill organizer! Store one pair in each compartment to keep them untangled and easy to find.

(You can use this tip anytime, but I find it especially useful for traveling!)

3. Baskets For Bathroom Storage
Short on cabinet space in your bathroom? Use decorative baskets to store bulky items like extra toilet paper or clean towels!

Keep it tucked out of the way, and it will add functional and attractive storage to your bathroom.

4. Think Outside The Nightstand
Speaking of storage solutions, one easy way to add more storage to your bedroom is by replacing your current nightstand. Swap it out for something that offers more storage space, like a small dresser or even a filing cabinet.

You can use that extra space to store anything you want to keep out of the way!

5. Ongoing Closet Organization
The key to keeping your bedroom organized is treating it like an ongoing project instead of a once-a-year effort. Keep a bag or box for donations inside your closet, so you can evaluate and make decisions about what to keep or donate every time you get dressed!

6. Use Clear Storage Bins
Use clear storage bins to corral collections of small items. That way, you’ll be able to check out the contents from the outside, rather than making a mess by rifling through the bin every time.

7. Keep A Household Binder
Keep your important documents in a household binder! Get a large binder and fill it with tab dividers, document pouches, and whatever else you need to keep everything organized.

It’s the perfect way to keep documents, important receipts, user manuals, coupons, and invoices organized. You can even use it to store your recipe collection, or depending on how many recipes you have, store it in a separate binder.

What’s your best cheap and easy organizing hack?
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