Are small items getting lost in your IKEA drawers? The usual advice is to get a tray or dividers for drawers to organise smaller things into neat sections

However, not all IKEA drawers come with made-to-fit trays.

But fear not, IKEAhackers readers have tray and drawer divider suggestions for the more popular IKEA drawers.

So, let’s organise those drawers!
#1 Small items tray for ALEX drawers
A simple and affordable idea to store pens and other small stationery items inside the ALEX drawer unit. 

SMÄCKER cutlery tray sits perfectly on the drawers, leaving some space underneath it for flat and thin items. Two trays can fit in one drawer, but the back slots in the deeper tray are hard to reach.

I came across this idea when I was working in the Workspaces department in IKEA, and customers were looking for small storage solutions.

The Kitchens department was next to mine, and SMÄCKER was right on the edge between two apartments, so a light bulb moment came fairly quickly!

I used to replenish our display ALEX products with the trays several times a day, as the customers were taking them fast!

It’s very convenient, practical and affordable! When I bought my ALEX, I bought two SMÄCKER trays for it, too.

~ by Marta

Buy SMÄCKER cutlery tray
#2 Drawer divider for HELMER
I bought 4 HELMER units to make a combo Credenza Desk. But I wanted to have removable inserts for the drawers. These Plano 3700 boxes are just the right size and come in many configurations.

The tops can be removed and stored in the drawer under the box.

The divided box is part number 3731 and the box with no dividers is part number 3730.

1. Remove the top from the box. Open the clips and lift the top 180 degrees. Push up on the top at the hinge side, the top will snap off.

2. Place the top inside the drawer upside dow. Place the box inside the top.

3. If you are using the divided box, separate the dividers by twisting them apart. You may need a sharp knife to remove the flashing left behind. Arrange the dividers as needed.

~ by Rich

Buy HELMER drawer unit.
#3 Tray for MALM chest
We use the top drawers from our MALM for a lot of small things, e.g. keys, pens etc. But even the smallest SKUBB boxes are still too big to give you a good overview of the small items.

Buy GODMORGON Storage unit, set of 2 |

With the GODMORGON storage units and just a few pieces of cardboard and double-sided tape it makes the perfect organizer for all your small stuff

See the GODMORGON small stuff organizer hack.
#4 Easy undersink drawer organization
So easy to make dividers to hold your personal items and hair appliances in the bottom drawer of the HEMNES bathroom sink.

Buy HEMNES / ODENSVIK Sink cabinet with 2 drawers |

A few handy magazine files and the space under the sink will be all sorted. Read more.

Buy FJÄLLA magazine files.
#5 Doubling the storage in MAXIMERA drawers
The MAXIMERA kitchen drawers have lots of unused space at the top. The vertical space is great for stacking vertically but they weren’t right for me. So I decided to add one more level that slides on the bars using a 3-D printed tray holder. Read more.
#6 Lipstick organizer
Divider for lipsticks in the ALEX drawer unit. Unfortunately the IKEA HOFTA plastic dividers are discontinued. (Still a few on Amazon UK). Other plastic grids should work just as well.

The grids are also useful for smaller pieces of clothing like socks, ties, etc.
#7 Useful surface in a drawer
Not so much for organising a drawer but to maximise it. This is a simple hack for IKEA NORDLI modular drawer chest. Now each drawer not only has storage space it can also hide a useful table. Read more.

Very handy if you don’t have space beside your sofa or bed for a table or nightstand.

What other items have you use to organise IKEA drawers? Let us know.

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