Black Friday: Save Nearly 50% on Wyze Cam, Echo Show 5 Bundle

The Wyze Cam is one of the hottest home electronics in 2019, and you can pick one up for yourself for just $10 with your purchase of a discounted Amazon Echo Show 5 smart home device. The bundle gives you a total savings of 48% ($55.98) off the regular listing price for both devicesa pretty sweet deal!

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What is the Wyze Cam?

The Wyze Cam is a wireless smart home camera that records crystal-clear 1080p video that you can live stream directly to your phone or computer, no matter where you are.

Wyze Cam Smart Home Camera

Somewhere between a security camera and a smart home device, the Wyze Cam lets you keep an eye on your kids or pets while youre away at work or running errands. Simply open the Wyze app and youll be able to view a live video feed right from the camera.

The Wyze Cam can also be set to notify you each time motion is detected and automatically save a short recording of the event. You can later access these recordings through the cloud for 14 days after each eventa service that most other IP cameras charge a monthly fee for.

Other great features of the Wyze Cam include the built-in night vision, which works remarkably well, and the two-way audio capabilities. You can talk to your kids directly through the Wyze app on your phone. Your voice will play through a speaker on the camera and your kids can simply respond back through the cameras built-in microphone.

The Wyze Cam is also Alexa-compatible, which is why it makes perfect sense to have it bundled with the Echo Show 5.

What is the Echo Show 5?

The Echo Show 5 is an Alexa smart home device with a 5.5-inch display and built-in speaker. If you thought Alexa was useful on your regular Echo or Echo Dot, just wait until you experience the Show 5.

echo show 5

The addition of the display is super handy for all kinds of functions, from viewing recipes and weather forecasts to watching videos and video chatting. The Show 5 is an extraordinarily flexible device that is well-suited for a kitchen counter, a desk, or even a nightstand. When you arent using the display for any particular function, it defaults to an attractive digital clock that could easily serve as your morning alarm.

As stated above, the Wyze Cam can be controlled via Amazon Alexa, including through the Show 5. You can even have the video from the Wyze Cam displayed right on the Shows screenpretty cool!

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