Book-scented candles decorate your room, about three or four books cluttering your nightstand, and your bookshelf is the most prized possession in your home

If any of these appeals to you, then you are a certified bookworm. Bookends are a wonderful, special breed because you are more content to lounge at home with a good book instead of going out on a Saturday night. From savoring and cherishing your books like they are your own flesh and blood to ordering more books than you can possibly read in one lifetime, avid readers deserve the type of kitchen that matches their story-filled hearts. Well, to be more precise, kitchen faucets. If you bibliophiles are on the market for a new faucet because homecare responsibilities made you return to reality, then we have the perfect faucet listed for you. Save yourself some time and take a look at this list to help you pick out your newest kitchen faucets so you can get back to your books.

Kingston Brass Concord 8-Inch Adjustable Center Wall Mount Kitchen Faucet, Brushed Brass
If you are one for sci-fi and the thrill of treasures, then this faucet is the perfect one for you. Its gold-toned finished and futuristic design is one of brilliance and artistry, its cylindrical styles and spout really bring to life the golden adventures you’ve always read about. Not to mention, its wall mount installation type will save you counter space, meaning more space for you to fill up with all the books that can’t fit into your shelf.

Kingston Brass KS3791BLBS Restoration Kitchen Bridge Faucet with Brass Sprayer, Polished Chrome
Subtle and beautifully charming, this faucet is perfect for all those romantics out there. Its polished chrome finish is shiny yet subtle in its color, not too bright yet luminous enough to really catch your eyes when you enter a room, just like all of those romance novels you read. Not only that, but as far as kitchen faucets go, this is a contemporary vintage design makes it a bit understated, yet a piece of art, much like the Jane Austen novels you’ve held so close to your heart.

Kingston Brass FB2795NDLSP 8-Inch Center Gooseneck Kitchen Faucet, Oil Rubbed Bronze
Dark and haunting, if you love gothic stories then this faucet is the one for you. Its oil-rubbed bronze finish is a perfect fit due to how the copper undertones bring an air of eerie warmth into your home, totally perfect for you and all the ghost stories you have piled away on your bookshelf. Not to mention, its modern design really brings all the spooky stories you’ve read into the present.

Kingston Brass KS3108AL Wall Mount Pot Filler Kitchen Faucet, Brushed Nickel
Are you one for the coming-of-age stories, love rooting for the underdog to grow into his own and fully realize his full potential once he overcomes all the hardships that kept trying to knock him down? Then this faucet is the one for you. Its soft brushed nickel finish and two-handle operation make it a true hero of its own story. The brushed nickel color makes it subtle and low-key, never one to try to steal the spotlight, but does so on its own with its own natural beauty and shine. Additionally, the wall mount kitchen faucets keep the faucet up and out of the way, helping you in the kitchen like you’re the hero of your own story.

Kingston Brass KB1792BEXBS Widespread Kitchen Faucet, Polished Brass
This faucet is one of fantasy and mystical magic, full of artistic mystery and adventure. If you love gold-filled caves and maps that lead you on a quest, then this faucet is the one for you. Its bright golden color already brings you halfway there on your journey to find the glory of your own self-discovery while its vintage contemporary design leaves you in the wonder of your own fantasy world. Not to mention, its cross handle operation makes it easy to use and maintain, perfect for you while you are lost in the world of your newest book.

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