Charge all your Apple devices wirelessly for 20% less this Prime Day

When you have multiple devices to charge, all the cables, cords, and power brick can quickly become an unruly mess. Not to mention all the outlets you clog up with your iPhone, AirPods, and Apple Watch that could be better used for other appliances or bigger tech that need all the juice. A charging station is a perfect solution, and this Prime Day Anker PowerWave+ 2-in-1charging station is only $23 on Prime Day.

Anker has long been an accessory manufacturer that I trust because its products are inexpensive and of good quality. For example, the Anker PowerWave+ 2-in-1charging station is a convenient way of charging your iPhone, AirPods, and Apple Watch all in one location, keeping everything tidy. We love it so much that it even made our list of the best stands that charge iPhone and Apple Watch.

Anker PowerWave+ 2-in-1 charging station | 20% off with Amazon Prime

Anker excels at making budget accessories that work well. On this charger, your iPhone will be able to take advantage of 10W Qi charging, and the second pad also supplies 10W for AirPods. Of course, you have to provide your own charging cable and power brick to charge your Apple Watch, but the second pad pops up and holds the charger in place for you to use your Apple Watch in nightstand mode while it charges.

$22.39 at Amazon

With the 10W of power this charging stand supplies to your iPhone and your AirPods, you'll be charging up faster than the smaller cube-shaped charger Apple used to pack with the iPhone that many people still use. Plus, the second charging pad doubles as an Apple Watch charger, meaning you can pop it up and stick it in your Apple Watch charger, making it perfect for putting your Apple Watch in nightstand mode.

Now that you've found the perfect charger for your iPhone, AirPods, and Apple Watch, don't forget to check out even more of the best iPhone Prime day deals.