Farmhouse Bedroom Inspiration For Your Rustic Home

If you’re thinking of redecorating your bedroom, consider a farmhouse-inspired look for an ultra-cozy feel. Revamp your boring sleeping nook into something rustic and romantic. If you’re not ready for a complete remodel, pick and choose a few of these decor items to try out this interior design trend.

What are the main components of the farmhouse style?

Farmhouse-style decor is a laid back, relaxed design scheme that incorporates rustic elements without falling back on too many retro design tropes. Some of the most beautiful farmhouse-style rooms mix old and modern pieces to create a soothing, comforting space.

Here are 21 farmhouse bedroom ideas to transform your outdated sleeping area into an escape that’s worthy of a magazine spread.
Shiplap Walls Photo by Ryan Rhodes Designs, Inc. on Houzz
When I think of a rustic farmhouse bedroom, I immediately think of shiplap. I know these days it’s an overused design trend, but I genuinely think it looks great when done sparingly.

Here, the shiplap walls provide a rustic design element among a room that’s relatively plain and modern. A restrained touch results in a versatile space with a farmhouse flair.
Shiplap Ceiling Photo by KCS Residential Design on Houzz
I have a shiplap ceiling in my kitchen, and it adds a ton of interest and texture to a room without overwhelming it. In this farmhouse bedroom, the impressive high ceilings are the perfect spot to slap some shiplap.
Metal Bed Find it at Wayfair
One of the most common furniture pieces for a farmhouse-style bedroom is a metal bed. In this compact bedroom, the dramatic wrought iron bed serves as a focal point and is surrounded by small touches that bring everything together. It’s all very simple, but this room clearly says “farmhouse.”
Find it at Wayfair Sliding Wooden Doors Josef Olson / Insteading
Rail-mounted doors are starting to be overdone — which is a shame because they really bring a farmhouse bedroom look together.

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If you’re searching for the perfect design element for barnyard chic, sliding wooden doors are a must-have.
Blue And White Color Scheme  View this post on Instagram
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Quite possibly the best color pairing for a farmhouse-style anything. Delicate powder blue and white are the perfect duo for a rustic bedroom. Here, most of the room is painted white, and the bed adornments all include a subtle pop of blue. It’s a calming color palette that’s bound to lull you to sleep every night.
Wooden Furniture Accents View this post on Instagram
Left y’all hangin’…..sorry bout that BUT here’s our new cozy bedroom rug! I think it really tied the room together & I love the cable knit texture . . What do you think of it? Oh and are we all in agreement that the headboard was destined to be painted white all along? . . I shared the link and all of the details on this rug on a blog post today! It’s very affordable for the size Head to the link in my bio or for more info

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White furniture is often featured in farmhouse-style rooms, but wood is a suitable alternative with plenty of potential. Here, the light wood nightstand adds color and textural contrast to the otherwise plain color scheme.

It also adds a natural element to the room in question. If light-colored wood isn’t quite your jam, dark stains look just as great — and add a touch of modern feel — in a farmhouse-style room.
Wood Beams View this post on Instagram
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The high ceilings in this room are the perfect host for intricate wooden beams. They’re rustic, charming, and add a wallop of visual interest to an otherwise subdued design scheme.

Of course, you’ll need a generous amount of ceiling space to pull this off in a room, but that’s not to say you can’t add wooden elements up above if all your ceilings are at a regular height.
White Linens Find it at Wayfair
White bedroom linens are a staple of the farmhouse look. If that seems boring to you, though, all you need to do is toss on a throw for a pop of color.
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A farmhouse bedroom doesn’t have to involve a master suite. Check out this cute little daybed area with rustic wooden beams. The comfy-cozy reading and sleeping area is an ideal pairing of shabby and chic.
Wooden Accent Wall Photo by Timberchic on Houzz
This room has a darker color scheme than most farmhouse bedroom havens, but it works for those who might feel overstimulated by an almost entirely white palette. The best part of this room is undoubtedly the wooden accent wall.
Rocking Chair Find it at Wayfair
Really want to be on theme when redecorating your spare farmhouse bedroom space? Stick a rocking chair in your guest bedroom. It’s a soothing seating option and evokes a rustic feel.
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If a lot of the farmhouse-style decor suggestions out there seem a bit too country for you, why not add a modern design element with a rustic twist? This shabby-chic chevron wallpaper adds a farmhouse touch without straying too far from modern aesthetics.
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You can enjoy a farmhouse bedroom with the addition of a few carefully chosen accents like these wall-mounted window shutters. In this fresh bedroom, sticking to a pale color scheme and adding a few simple decor items transforms the space like magic.
Rustic Crib Find it at Wayfair
The rustic farmhouse style isn’t only for adult bedrooms. This adorable baby room is a warm, welcoming space for a new family addition. The rustic wooden crib combined with elegant and modern pieces results in an inviting space for parent and child.
Find it at Wayfair Wooden Ceiling Photo by Highline Construction on Houzz
The ceiling does all the heavy lifting in this room to transform a mostly bare sleeping space into a rustic dreamland. You’d think a dark ceiling might make a room look gloomy and cramped, but this ceiling seems to do the opposite. It opens up the space and provides a ton of visual interest.
Different Textures Photo by SO Green on Houzz
Combine textures to create a homey, restful space that feels comforting. This bedroom features textured bedroom linens and a shiplap ceiling.
Rustic Chandelier Photo by Julie Coppa Designs, Inc. on Houzz
Usually, when you think of a chandelier, you think glam. Here, the candelabra adds a rustic touch to an elegant bedroom.

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It doesn’t feel like an obvious farmhouse bedroom, but there are hints of the style scattered throughout the space: the chandelier, accent chairs, shiplap wall, and delicate window treatments.
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Your nightstand doesn’t have to have a bulky table lamp. Why not affix your lighting source right next to your bed on the wall? This is something I’ve done in my bedroom, and it freed up so much space for books and decor pieces. In this all white bedroom, the black metal wall lamps aren’t just a light source, they’re visually appealing, too.
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A room filled with country-style decor might feel more shabby than chic. Instead, adorn your space with a few repurposed or recycled items like this cute wooden bed tray. To avoid going too country, stick with a handful of pieces and make sure the rest of your choices are contemporary. Here, the above-the-bed art balances out the rustic decor items.
Faux Fireplace View this post on Instagram
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For those with a sizeable bedroom space, consider adding a focal point aside from your king-sized bed. This DIY faux fireplace is a gorgeous element for those with enough room to create a reading nook or sitting area within their bedroom.
Kids’ Room View this post on Instagram
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Okay, how adorable is this? A literal farmhouse bedroom. This super fun farmhouse bunk bed setup features its very own sliding barn door and window boxes with greenery. Honestly, I want this to be my sleeping space!
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