Faux plants are back! Yay or nay?

I've noticed a trend over the past year or so and I'm kind of loving it! 
It seems faux plants are BACK! Were they ever even gone? I think so, for awhile. Trends come and go, and a trend a years back in the design world was a general disdain for any kind of faux plant in decor. 
I've always said to each their own -- if it's not trendy and you love it, do it! I actually appreciate decor that isn't on trend even more. Although I have to admit I pulled back on the faux a little bit over the years. 
But they are definitely back! Flowers, greenery...I've seen it all lately. I've always had some in our decor, but I've been adding a little more in over the past few months. 
I'm especially in love with the faux olive stems I found: 
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I found them at Michael's and almost passed on them. They have a lighter shade on the underside of each leaf that looked a little too fake to me at first. But then I thought about how the olive trees shimmered in the wind on our trip to Italy and realized that's how they look in real life. 
I grabbed some (40 percent off) for our kitchen table: 
And for the entry table: 
They are SO lovely for fall! I'll probably use them year-round but I especially love them this season. I can't find them on the Michael's site but these are very similar. 
I shared my absolute favorite place for faux plants here -- I use them all over! They are the most realistic I've found. I love them for spots like our powder room that don't get a ton of natural light: 
They're also great for areas where you just completely forget you have a real plant and NEVER water them. That may have happened in the bathroom. ;) 
There are three variations in that size and I use each one in our decor. They are full, real looking and super cheap!: 
I also love these little pots with faux greenery I found at At Home: 
You can see more examples of how I use them under glass like that cloche above in this post!
Our bathroom is another spot that gets decent light, but I ALWAYS forget to water real plants in there. Instead I added a few faux plants to the two-toned cabinet: 
I don't use a ton of fake florals, but I found these faux cherry blossoms on Amazon and they are so realistic looking. I was quite impressed with them: 
I also found this simple peony arrangement at HomeGoods and I LOVE it!: IKEA dresser nightstand hack
It's light and fluffy and the pretty hobnail glass vase makes it look even better! 
I'm lucky to have a green thumb and am able to grow (most) real plants easily, but it's nice to have other options that will always look good! Here are a few tips to making your faux plants and flowers look more realistic:
Don't be afraid to mix with real flowers -- this is a great trick and definitely helps to fool the eye. "Replant" them in real planters/baskets/decorative containers.  I find the smaller the leaf, the more realistic it the plant looks. Succulents and air plants are GREAT options.  For florals, the leaves always seem to be a giveaway. Don't be afraid to trim them off so they look even better! Arrangements in water or fake water like my peonies above tend to look more realistic as well.  Don't forget to clean them occasionally! (But this goes for real plants as well.)  Are you on the faux flower or plant train? Have you always been?

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