How Cool are These 3D Photo Crystals? (Save w/ Our Exclusive Code!)

Looking for a meaningful gift? I am so impressed with these gorgeous lighted 3D photo crystals!

Goodbye faded photos, hello stunning masterpiece! 😍

I love me a beautiful photo canvas, but the minimalist side of me can only decorate the walls SO MUCH before I get a little 😬 – if ya know what I mean.

Similarly, photos ARE priceless, but when it comes to photo gifts, sometimes I feel like I’ve exhausted all my options (canvases, books, frames, repeat).

Fortunately, I’ve had the incredible opportunity to work with ArtPix 3D and I am dying to share with all of you why I love this gorgeous, personalized, unique 3D crystal photo gift option! Reality check: Christmas is just 22 weeks away! 😱

Even better, we’ve got an exclusive promo code to help you save on this meaningful gift!

What are 3D photo crystals? 

The piece I received from ArtPix 3D is a laser engraved 2D and 3D photo crystal that’s like a living work of art! One side displays your loved ones in intricately detailed 2D while the other side follows you in whichever direction you move- how cool is that?

The crystal itself displays beautifully as-is or you can choose to add a cool, color-changing light base that creates a little light show to show off on your office desk or nightstand- some options even include a handy remote!

If you prefer just the crystal itself, you will receive a high-quality silicone mat included with your purchase, that allows you to stick the crystal onto any surface with less worry of it sliding around or falling over.

Don’t worry, every special memory will turn out beautifully. 

If you’re anything like me, then at first glance you might be a little intimidated by how to pick the perfect pic, but rest assured, ArtPix 3D personally ensures that your photo meets their gold standard. In fact, we went back and forth trying to land on a picture that would be perfect for the crystal!

Their customer service made the process so smooth and easy! 🙌🏼

ArtPix 3D accepts JPG, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, BMP, and PNG for their crystal photos. Once received, their expert designers sharpen and enhance the image so that your crystal will be of the highest quality possible. If a photo does not meet their standards, they will reach out to you via email and suggest you send in another image- at no extra cost to you!

Here are a few helpful tips I learned when selecting a photo:

Avoid ‘selfie’ type photos as the hand holding the camera will look cutoff.
Use baby pictures with the face only or when baby is sitting (not standing) as they end up looking better than full-length photos.
Individuals in the photo should be ‘en face’ so that more beautiful detail can be displayed.
Choose landscape photos for landscape-oriented crystals, and portrait photos for portrait-oriented crystals.

To be honest, it took me a few tries to select the perfect image, but after seeing the final product… trust me- IT IS SO VERY WORTH IT!

Clean, simple, and oh so AMAZING! 😍

These photo crystals are everything I was hoping for! With such clean lines, intricate detail, and crystal clear design, they are a minimalist’s dream come true and I seriously believe they would look beautiful ANYWHERE: on a shelf, desk, coffee table, nightstand, annnnywhere!

Plus, they are just the right size, and not distorted at all! And here’s a fun fact: these crystals use up to 3 million dots to create your image. Keep in mind, the more dots, the more detail!

Lastly, when these crystal photos are lit up, they are absolutely mesmerizing and such an eye-catching way to display beautiful images of your loved ones!

*Note that all images in this post are of the large crystal size. 

Get gifting with our exclusive promo code…

These heirloom-quality 3D photo crystals are so much more realistic than traditional photos so you can truly bring special moments to life, perfect for weddings, anniversaries, graduations, and more!

After not seeing my own grandparents in over a year, but sending almost every type of photo gift available, I am excited to be able to send them this meaningful gift that I know won’t fade, rip, or tear…and I know they’ll love to put it on display just as much!

If you’re sending one directly to a lucky recipient, know that the crystal photos arrive beautifully packaged as is, placed in a sturdy box with a delicate silky cushion. But you can also make it even easier on yourself and choose between a wide variety of gift wrap options, including greeting cards, with prices starting as low as just $4.99!

For a simple modern photo crystal without a base, check out this deal…

ArtPix 3D Photo Crystal Rectangle as low as $89– includes a FREE engraving up to 50 characters!

Use promo code HIP2CRYSTAL (10% off)

Shipping is FREE
Final cost $80.10 shipped!

Or add a fun light base and spend less than $100 on this beautiful piece…

ArtPix 3D Photo Crystal Rectangle as low as $89
Medium Plastic Light Base $19

Total = $108

Use promo code HIP2CRYSTAL (10% off)

Shipping is free
Final cost $97.20 shipped!

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