How To Hide TV Wires

So, you got that nice super slim TV, but then your enthusiasm for good electronics means that you have to live in a jungle of cord. Weve all been there, and its ugly and unsightly. Given the number of wires that are in our modern homes, knowing the right way to hide all the cords and wires for your TV and other gadgets can be very difficult. We are talking about all kinds of power cables, coaxial cables, and so on.

Before getting to a point of swearing off tech, think about your options of concealing the wires. We have gone out of our way to find you some cool ways to hide TV wires in your home, making the cords almost invisible.

Here Is How To Hide TV Wires:

1. Hiding Cables Behind The Wall

How to hide TV cables behind a wall

For completely invisible TV wires, think of hiding then behind the wall. But that is not simple. You have to start by boring two holes into the drywall. You can use a drill, saw or utility knife. One hole should go behind the TV set and the other close to the outlet. However, you have to ensure that you do not drill close to studs. You can ensure that using a stud finder.

As you do it, the power to the room should be turned off. In each of the holes, install cable plates. After that, direct the cords through the uppermost plate followed by the one below. If you have short cables, you will need to use ab in-wall cable and a power kit. This ensures that there is an outlet right behind the TV set.

2. Hook Wires Behind Furniture

Hide TV wires behind furniture

Definitely you have some furniture close to where you have positioned your TV set. One of the easiest ways to hide TV wires is to hook them to the back of the furniture. But you cannot just do it out of the blue. You need to attach to your furniture several command cord clips.

The best place on the furniture for that is the back edges. You will find these clips from various manufacturers, so you are advised to pick the one you find easy to attach. Once the hooks are in place, let one or more of the wires run through and along the console. With that simple procedure, you will be able to hide all the ugly wires, including those for your outdoor antenna.

3. Conceal The Power Strip

Conceal Power Strip

Most of the wires connected to your TV and other gadgets start off from the power strip or surge protector. Thats why it is easier to hide TV wires by first keeping the power strip out of sight. Check if your power strips have several holes at the back. If it does, then you can hang it in a nail on the wall. Of course, you will need to first put the nails and screws in place.

Then all of the power cables that were previously exposed will be hidden completely out of sight. Alternatively, you might be having an entertainment center with legs. In that case, you can install your power strip below the base of the entertainment unit. That way, you will be able to avoid creating a gap between the wall and the furniture.

4. Direct Wires Through Your TV Stand

Do you have a TV stand? Why dont you integrate into it a cord storage? Using the built-in storage, you can hide all of the free-flowing cables to ensure they are permanently hidden away. However, there are a number of TV stands that come with built-in storage for cables.

In some of them, the cables can be kept in a notch running down the back, middle leg. So, you may want to buy a TV stand that already has this feature. If not, you can create your own from scratch. It is just a matter of creating a recessed groove to the back leg before running the cable to the TV and all the other gadgets. That simple and easy, you would have managed to hide your TV wires.

5. Keep The Cable Box From Sight

The cable box is just one of the peripheral devices attached to your TV. There are likely to be others. If they are too many and exposed, they will only create a mess. To avoid exposure of the wires attached to these devices, you should consider hiding them in a cabinet or sideboard.

However, not all cabinets and sideburns have holes through which you can run the cables. Why dont you create one? You can use a hole-cutter or drill. But that creates the trouble of you having to open your entertainment center all the time you want to watch TV. In that case, you can connect your TV to the cable box using an infrared receiver.

6. Use Cord Covers To Hide The Wires

TV cable cover

Who likes the sight of TV cables dangling from a wall-mounted unit? You can easily conceal such cables by covering them up using cable covers. There are all kinds of plastic tracks on the market which can be used to hide TV wires. But just how do you install TV cables in this manner? First of all, measure the height of the wall between the floor and the base of the screen.

Transfer that length to the cord cover and cut it. if you have a cable concealer, use a hacksaw to cut the top and base of the cover. Using screws, fasten the raceway to the wall. Run the TV cables in the channel and close it using the cover. You can then paint the cable cover if it wasnt originally of the same color as the wall.

7. What About A Cable Catch?

Cable catch

This step can be done before you even consider concealing your cables. What a cable catch does is to secure your cables, even as it hides them. You can attach the cable catch onto a nightstand or desktop. With such a mechanism, you will avoid cases where TV wires keep falling onto the floor. If you do not have a cable catch, use cord hooks. That way, you can direct the wires to run down the furniture legs, thus getting rid of the dangling cables.

8. Tuck Wires Into Tubing

On your TV stand, you are likely to have different kinds of cables, including those connecting the TV to the peripheral devices. If you want to know how to hide TV wires, you should consider bundling the cables together and then using a cable wrap to consolidate the loose cables together.

Once you have the cables securely held in your hands, use the foam tubing to wrap them together. This will get rid of the chaotic mess created by the cables and create a lot of orders. The good thing is that the tubing makes it possible for you to add wires into it.

9. Keep The Cables In A Drawer

On one of the drawers on your TV stand, you can make modifications that allow you to hide the cables. But first, you will need to drill a hole through which to pass the cables at the back of the drawer close to the wall outlet.

Feed all of the cables through the hole to hide them from view. However, that may mean putting the power strip in the drawer. That way, the small electronic gadgets like phones, laptops, and so on can be charged while sitting right there in the drawer.

10. Use Baseboard Cord Channels

Baseboard cord channels

Apart from the wires directly connected to the TV, there are several others that run throughout the home. Some, like Ethernet cables, may even be connected to devices on the TV stand. All of these wires need to be concealed by adding baseboard cable channels to existing baseboards. Most of the available cord channels are self-adhesive. They are hollow to allow you to run the cables through.

Firstly, strip the adhesive back and press it onto a baseboard. Once you are sure it is holding in place, run your cables through it. The covers will not only hide the cables but they will also protect them from possible damage. You can then paint the channels to match the interior design of the room.

11. Use A Book To Hide Routers And Wires

When sitting on the TV stand, routers look out of place, just like the wires. To create a beautiful scene, you might have to hide it behind an old book cover. For as long as the binder is wide enough to fit your router, this method will work great. Using a combination of hot glue and scrap fabric, cover the binder all round. Holding the binder upright, slip it into the binder. Place the binder in a drawer on the TV stand and let the cable run from a hole at the back.

12. Use A Cable Reel

In order to reduce the number of cables dangling all over the TV stand, you may consider using the cable reel. On the reel, wind up the cables to keep them short and concealed. That way, you will not have to figure out another ingenious way to hide TV wires.


You have just learned how to hide TV wires. With that knowledge, you should be able to maintain the desired neatness in your home. Cases of cables obscuring you from watching TV should not be a thing of the past. The good thing is that most of the methods discussed here can be used for all other types of cables.

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