It’s wise to leave the big pieces of furniture like the sofa, chairs, dining table or bed to the professionals

They’re pretty complex. As far as the smaller accent pieces go, on the other hand, you can get involved in your home decor and add your own personal touch to the space. By that we meant that you can build things like end tables yourself or that you can customize them in original ways. It’s not as complicated or as difficult as you might think and, to prove it, we prepared a bunch of great examples for you to be inspired by.

Let’s start with this DIY hairpin leg side table which is actually pretty versatile. You can also use it as a nightstand or end tables in various types of spaces as decors. But let’s focus on the materials needed for the project: four 1 x 8 wood boards 20” long, two 1 x 6 boards 14.5” long, 4 hairpin legs, wood screws, wood stain, polyurethane, a drill and a paintbrush. Check out our full tutorial for this hairpin leg side table to find out all the details.

Tree stump tables are even easier to make. The process always starts with a tree trunk or a log cut to size. Apart from that, you’ll only need 3 swivel casters, some screws and clear polyurethane to complete the project. The first step is to prep the stump. Cut it to size, remove any excess bark and just make sure you’re happy with the way it looks overall. Then cover it with a coat of clear polyurethane and let it dry. After that, flip it upside down and attach the casters. Check out the full tutorial here.

Side tables and end tables (they’re pretty much the same thing) are usually simple and that means they’re the perfect beginner’s DIY project. What could be easier than transforming a wooden crate into a table. You just attach casters to one of the sides and you install a divider/ shelf. It’s one of the easiest transformations ever and, in addition to that, this wooden crate side table actually looks great.

For this project, we’ll just assume that you already have an end table. An IKEA Lack table would be perfect. Our suggestion is to cut out a section from the center of the table and to insert a planter in the hole. You’ll then have a two-in-one accent piece that’s both a table and a planter. Check out all the details in our video tutorial.

End tables are not that complicated and if you’re creative enough anything can work if you want to build one yourself. For instance, you can turn a wire laundry basket upside down and top with two cable spool ends glued together. That’s actually the design featured on twindragonflydesign and it’s a very lovely one.

You can even build an end table out of all the scrap pieces of wood that you have from previous DIY projects. Cut them into pieces of different lengths and make sure you have four identical pieces for the legs. Then arrange several strips together to create the first layer of the table. Then repeat until you can put the layers together to form a block that would be the end table. It’s such an inspiring project… {found on instructables}.

The X end table featured on Ana-white has a lot of rustic charm and that’s mainly due to the design itself. If you choose to build one of these things yourself, start with two of the ends and then connect them with four boards. After that, add the bottom shelf and then the cross braces to form the X pattern. The top is added at the end. You can sand and stain the wood or you can leave it all natural.


This may seem strange but for the table featured on Acutedesigns you’re going to need a total of 8 legs(4 long and 4 short). You’ll find out why soon enough. In addition to those you’ll also need 8 brackets, two wood boards, wood stain, screws and some sandpaper. After you stain/paint the legs, attach brackets to the underside of the table top and screw in the short legs. Then take a second boards and attach it to the bottom of the short legs and attach the four long legs to the other side.

Want to give your home decor a slight industrial hint? Build a copper pipe end table/ planter stand like the one featured on Thesurznickcommonroom. The project requires some coper pipes, 90 degree elbow joints, copper braces, small screws, a circular piece of wood and some paint. The most difficult part is building the base. It’s like a puzzle so it’s pretty fun. Then you just add the wooden top and you’re done.

There are lots of great ways in which you can customize an end table so it doubles as a magazine holder, a small desk, a planter holder or anything else you need in your home. The best way to make sure that you get exactly what you want is to build the table yourself. Don’t overcomplicate the design. Keep in simple, practical and natural. You can find the inspiration you need on Kristimurphy along with some instructions and tips.


Not only that this end table featured on Poppytalk is quite chic and good-looking but it also has a very versatile design. We can easily picture it in spaces like the entryway, the living room, a bedroom, an office or out on a deck or terrace. Want to make something just as useful and charming? You’ll need a round tray, a folding camping stool, velcro and some spray paint.

A lot of the times, eclectic designs are the most versatile. Take this side table for example. It has a top made from a thick slice of wood and three hairpin legs, a combination that’s contrasting in more than one way. As a result, the design of the table featured on eHow is both modern and rustic. It’s also simple enough that you could replicate it at home.

Three-legged end tables/ side tables used to be very trendy a while ago and they can still look charming and stylish in the right decors and configurations. Still, it can be challenging to find a suitable design in stores so you might as well go ahead and build something custom. You could use the tutorial provided on Pneumaticaddict. Check out the list of materials required and feel free to add your own touch to the design.

A lot of the designs featured so far are simple and without too many little details or embellishments. This definitely makes them simple and practical but it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re the only option. It just so happens that we found this chic end table on Pneumaticaddict. It has a funky geometric shape and a glass top. It’s made using a lot of wooden dowels which were painted golden, hence the striking metallic look.

If  practical table design is what you’re looking for, you should enjoy the one we found on Simplicityinthesouth. It’s a wooden crate repurposed into a table. Obviously, if you want to make something similar, you’ll need a crate. In addition to that, you’ll also need four caster wheels, two hinges, a handle, some plywood for the top, sandpaper and paint. The great thing about this table is that it has a hollow interior and you can store things in there.

All you’ll need to make an end table like the one on Lizmarieblog is five boards and some screws. Decide what dimensions you want the table to have and cut the boards to size or have someone cut them for you. You could make the table as high as the couch if you plan on using it in the living room. Then go ahead and build the frame using three of the boards. Then place the table on its side and add the other two boards, forming an X.

Hairpin leg tables are very stylish and they look chic and elegant in a variety of spaces and decors. They’re also very easy to put together. You basically only need four hairpin legs and a piece of wood. Cut the wood based on the shape and size that you want the top to have and then attach the legs making sure they’re level and that the table can sit up straight. Check out Goinghometoroost for more details.

A similar design idea is suggested on Stylebyemilyhenderson. In this case, the table’s top is a wood slice and the base is made up of three brightly colored metal legs, similar to hairpin legs but a bit different. The orange legs give the table a fun and playful look and the log slice top gives it a rustic touch.

This type of side table is ideal for living spaces because it pairs great with sofas and couches. The C-shape of the table allows it to fit perfectly around the armrest of the sofa. The style is pretty popular so you might be able to find what you’re looking for at your local furniture store but why bother when you can build the table yourself? Check out Sinnenrausch to find out all the details.

There’s a lot going on here even though the design is very simple. First of all, the base of the table is a vintage step ladder and that’s quite intriguing. But then there’s also the round glass top which reveals a license plate. What a great way to personalize an end table and to actually create something unique and useful for your home. We found this unusual project on Neeleysknits.

We’ve always loved the intricacy and charm of geometric furniture designs, in particular the tables that have sculptural bases. They’re usually pretty complicated and hard to replicate but not this one. This himmeli table is actually pretty simple. Here are the materials you’ll need in case you want to make one for yourself: some plywood, clear polypropylene twine, copper pipe rods and hangers, clear wax, a pipe cutter and edge banding tape. {found on}.

Of course, there’s also the option to use an existing end table and to simply give it a makeover. It’s a pretty fun thing to do. Let’s say you want to add some color to the table and to give it a more cheerful and fresh look. You could decorate its top with patterned scrapbook paper and you could also paint its base. You’ll find some inspiration on Modpodgerocksblog.

A great idea if you want to add a bit of rustic charm to your home is to make yourself a tree stump table. It’s an easy project that you can do yourself and the cool thing about it is that each and every table will turn out unique. You might need help cutting the log to size but once you have that part taken care of it’s a fun and breezy transformation.

As long as you do the work yourself, handmade furniture is actually quite cheap. For instance, you can make two lovely end tables for merely $20 which is an absolute bargain. You do need the appropriate tools and equipment for the job or you need a bit of help with that part. In any case, if you’re interested in finding out more details about this project there’s a tutorial on youtube that you can watch.

Of course, if you only need a single end table then that’s what you should focus your efforts on. This detailed tutorial on instructables explains everything you need to know about this simple wooden table with a square top and a storage shelf. Check it out if it’s something that you’re interested in building for your own home.

We absolutely love farmhouse tables and we think they also make great DIY projects, especially the ones with simple designs such as this one. This lovely end table would look magnificent in a cozy and welcoming living room but you can just as well add it to your bedroom or your home office. It has a storage shelf at the bottom which you can also add use a display area for various cool decorations. Check out this youtube tutorial for more details.

This is not exactly the small end table that you you might have in mind but that doesn’t mean it’s not awesome. This rustic side table is an eclectic piece that can serve you in a variety of different ways. You can add it to your living room if you have some extra space but you can also incorporate into the design of area such as the bedroom, home office, dining area or even a reading nook and it would look charming in every single case. If you’re interested in crafting this rustic piece for yourself, be sure to check out the youtube tutorial for instructions.

In case you’re more interested in smaller-scale end tables, there’s a lovely one on bitterrootdiy that we think you’re really going to like. It’s a simple table with a hint of rustic charm and great proportions that make it ideal for living rooms of all shapes and sizes. If you want to personalize it, feel free to choose the type of finish that you think would best suite your décor.

We really like the idea of an end table that doesn’t necessarily look like a standard table. This design featured on build-basic is a very good representation of the concept that we have in mind. We love the angles and especially the way in which the legs are positioned because they’re reminiscent of classic stools and chairs. This gives the table a casual look with a hint of retro charm.

In case you prefer something more modern, perhaps a simple and slender design such as the one featured on girljustdiy would be to your liking. This DIY end table is both easy to build and versatile. It’s also possible to customize the proportions and overall design in order to make the table better-suited for your own home’s interior décor. It wouldn’t be difficult to come up with a similar design for a matching console table if needed.

This design is very similar to the one we just mentioned above with a key difference: the angle at which the legs are positioned in relation to the top. In this case the legs are attached to the corners of the top and form an X-base design. As you can probably tell, this is a fairly simple DIY table project which you can do with only a few basic tools and supplies. All the details can be found on bitterrootdiy.

If you want to add a bit of retro or rustic charm to your living room, a good way to do so would be with this DIY side table that looks like a wooden crate. If you want to give it a weathered look you can use reclaimed wood or pallet boards. All the instructions for this project can be found in a very detailed tutorial featured on littleglassjar.

This DIY end table is really special and that has to do with the unusual materials required in order to build it. They include a cable spool end and a wire laundry basket/ umbrella stand. It’s a curious combo and the table resulted from that is unique and has a lot of character. All you need to do is flip the basket upside down, place the wooden circle on top and secure them together with some twine which you can simply insert through the holes at the top. This quirky end table idea comes from twindragonflydesigns.

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