Lenovo Smart Clock, the cutest Google Assistant smart display, is now over 50% off

The Lenovo Smart Clock has a slightly awkward name, but if you're a Google Assistant fan, then this 4-inch smart display is perfect as a bedside device.

The good news is that we've spotted a price drop for this device meaning it's down 50 per cent. If you've been waiting to pick one up or just want an excuse to buy then you'll be glad to see you can pick up the Lenovo Smart Clock for £24.99 at Currys.

Google made a sensible choice when they decided not to let manufacturers customise its Google Assistant experience on smart displays. That means opting from the Lenovo Smart Clock gives you pretty much the same experience as if you take one of Google's own Nest Hubs, so this Lenovo device fits in nicely in a Google home.


But in the case of the Lenovo device, it's a lot smaller, so it's perfect for when you don't want a hulking great screen in the way. That might be on your desk or on the nightstand, letting you talk to Google to control your home, play music, set your alarms and reminders and a whole lot more. 

The last time we saw a discount like this on the Lenovo Smart Clock was during the Black Friday sales, so it's almost certainly a bargain.