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HANK PHILLIPPI RYAN: So remember a few weeks ago were talking about podcasts, and it became clear that some of us (ahem, me) were not big podcast listeners. (I meanI listened to Serial, and then, um, well, I adore Writers Bone, and Authors on the Air, and PDI and Suspense Magazine and Dark and Stormy and several more (oh, I have a cold so my brain is not working. So do remind me what I missed!), but those are writer-nichey and it also became clear that I was obviously missing out.

And I knew just where to turn. The fab Vanessa Lillie (You know her right?) is totally turned in to podcasts. She listens on the podcast app and on her computereasy peasy, just click and make sure your volume is upand I asked her to give us the scoop on some of her faves.

Tis the Season for Writing Podcasts
by Vanessa Lillie

Shoveling snow? Podcast.
Baking cookies? Podcast.
Driving to in-laws house? Podcast.
Avoiding in-laws? Podcast.

Thats right, were in the thick of podcast season. With some headphones or your choice of whats playing in the car, you can plug into the writing community whenever you need them.

I love the feeling of going to a book event. That charge of inspiration when I hear an author talk about craft. Learning the fascinating backstory for a book I love. The connection to book people (the best people!). I listen to podcasts nearly every day because they provide a similar experience and connection. And, Ive even been lucky enough to have been on a fewfor my debut thriller, Little Voices.

If this sounds appealing, here are my recommendations to find a writing podcast for you.

For the conversationalist Writers Bone
No book tour is complete without an author chatting with this podcast out of Boston, led by author Daniel Ford. The interviews are not only about an authors new book, but also the craft of writing it and whats on their nightstand at home. Search the backlist for interviews with your favorite authors to get the scoop on books you love.

For the busy mom Moms Dont Have Time to Read Bookswith Zibby Owens
This new podcast has taken the publishing world by storm, and its no surprise to me after listening to this podcast from the very beginning. Zibby interviews authors of books she loves, wearing the hats of busy mother, wife, avid reader and writer herself. Shes introduced me to so many truly amazing authors I would have missed without her show.

For the next generation Write or Die with Claribel Ortega & Kat Cho
Both Claribel and Kat are debut authors, women of color and leaders in the YA and MG communities where they write. Their podcast was created to give real advice to aspiring (and published) authors. As hosts, their support of each other (and other authors) really shines. I appreciate their honesty about the challenges and privilege in publishing. Each episode is like being waved over to the cool and smart table in the podcast cafeteria.

For the anxious writer The Worried Writer with Sarah Painter
Anxious writers (like me) rejoice! Theres a wonderful podcast where authors can chat about their books as well as the ups and downs of publishing them. Sarah is an author herself, and shes a caring and empathetic host.

For writers trying to level up The Taylor Stevens Show with Steve Campbell
Taylor Stevens is an internationally bestselling thriller author, and she also takes craft very seriously. She and co-host Steve Campbell do a great job of talking all things writing craft. They have episodes, called Hack the Craft, where they dissect scenes and discuss whats not working and why. I learn something new and valuable to my craft every episode.

For the NYT Book Review fan Novel Class Podcast with Dave Pezza
Have you ever finished a book and just wanted to talk about it right away? This podcast comes close. Its a fresh and insightful take on book reviews with in-depth analysis of what worked and what didnt. Host Dave is joined by a different writer or author each episode, and its a fascinating deep dive into books everyone is talking about.

For the coolest gal you know Unlikable Female Characters with Layne Fargo, Wendy Heard, and Kristen Leponika
Three female thriller authors start a podcast and do not hold back on feminism, advocacy or support of other women writers. They have talented and diverse guests, dive into hot topics and discuss important issues around diversity, inclusion and representation in the genre.

For telling it like it is Honest Authors with Gillian McAllister and Holly Seddon
Two British suspense authors got together and generously decided to share all the ups and downs of writing and publishing their first (and 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th) books. Each season has fantastic interviews, and I love their chit chat about writing and their lives. Dont miss the latest season with lots of interviews featuring industry professionals from publicists to editors to foreign rights experts.

Other favorites:
The Creative Penn (Leader in indie publishing and trend / tech guru)
First Draft with Sarah Enni (Wonderful interviews with thoughtful host)
Print Run Podcast (Two agents talking shop)

HANK:Sooowhich of those sound good? Do you listen to podcasts? Which ones?

OR: Any questions about how to find podcasts?Vanessa will stop by and answer them!

OR: Do you do one that we should know about ! Nows the time to let us know all about it! Tell us in the comments! (And all of the Reds will be thrilled to come visit).

VanessaLillieisoriginallyfrom Oklahoma, but she calls Providence,Rhode Island home withher husband and dinosaur-aficionado son. Smitten with the smallest state, she enjoys organizing book events and literary happenings around town. Her debut thriller,Little Voices, receivedstarred reviews fromPublishers WeeklyandLibrary Journalas well as must-read lists inReal Simple,Refinery29,Cosmopolitan UK,Bolo Books,andBookish. TheProvidence Journalreview said, "Aficionados of mystery, thriller and horror will savor this intricately plotted page-turner that builds to a stunning denouement."


The voice in her head says hes guilty. She knows hes innocent.
Devon Burges is in the throes of a high-risk birth when she learns of her dear friends murder. The police quickly name another friend as the chief suspect, but Devon doesnt buy itand despite her difficult recovery, she decides to investigate.
Haunted by postpartum problems that manifest as a cruel voice in her head, Devon is barely getting by. Yet her instincts are still sharp, and shes bent on proving her friends innocence.
But as Devon digs into the evidence, the voice in her head grows more insistent, the danger more intense. Each layer is darker, more disturbing, and shes not sure sheor her babycan survive what lies at the truth.

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