Our appearance is important to us and that makes us spend a lot of time, effort and money on things meant to make us look good and different from the others

We take great care of our clothes and accessories and sometimes we even display them in ways meant to draw attention. Clothes are for us what the colorful feathers are for the bird-of-paradise and the difference that, at the end of the day, we can take them off and prepare some new ones to wear tomorrow. We put them on clothing racks and sometimes we even make them a part of our home’s decor. If you like the idea of an open clothes rack, we have a few suggestions that you might enjoy.
Chic racks you can put together yourself

First off, consider the idea of a DIY clothes rack. This can be an opportunity for you to embrace the less is more concept and to try something different for a change. Instead of hiding your clothes in a closet, how about keeping some of them out in the open? You could put together a simple rack made of copper pipes and fittings. It’s very easy and the minimalist and open design will let the clothes be the center of attention. Check out Burkatron for more details.

Have you ever considered hanging your clothes from the ceiling? Sure, it sounds weird when we say it like that so we’ll give you a few more details. Picture a clothing rack that’s nothing but a wooden rod that hangs from two leather loops secured to the ceiling. Actually, you can see exactly how it would look like if you check out this project that we found on Burkatron. It’s a rack that you can put together yourself and which requires very few supplies. It’s a great way to put some of that dead space in your bedroom to good use. This rack could actually replace the famous chair that holds all the clothes that we either wore or want to wear again but for some reason are not fit to stay in the closet with the others.

Since we mentioned “the chair”, we think that this trellis rack featured on Fallfordiy could also be a good alternative, among other things. As you can see, the idea is very simple: a grid-like structure which can hold a lot of things including clothes, towels, jewelry, scarves, even shoes and pretty much any other fashion accessory. It’s something that you can build yourself in just a few minutes and which can be customized in a lot of cool ways. You could paint it, accessorize it with planters, shelves and a bunch of other things.

There’s a lot that you can do with metal pipes (not necessarily copper). Simple clothing racks like the one on Flair are super easy to build. You can check out the full description to find out all you need for the project and, of course, you can adapt everything according to your own storage needs as well as the space available in the room. Matching the hangers to the rack is definitely a nice touch.

Clothes racks are not just for bedrooms and dressing rooms but also for entryways. In fact, it’s a must-have for this part of the house. In addition to a rod for hangers or at least some hooks, you’ll probably also need some shelves to store shoes and other accessories on. These can be combined into a practical and space-efficient show and coat rack which you can build yourself by following the instructions on Celestefohl.squarespace.

We love everything about this rolling garment rack. It’s simple, it can be easily relocated thanks to the casters, it has shelves for shoes and other accessories and it uses simple and accessible materials. The best thing about it, however, is that you can build one just like it if you just follow the steps described on Freshmommyblog. It’s an easy project but, most importantly, one that will complete your home in a chic and practical way.

This is definitely a cool accessory for kids although it could also look great in a master bedroom. It’s a teepee clothing rack and to build one just like it you need four thin pieces of wood, a dowel and some paint. After you’ve trimmed the ends of the four wood pieces on a 15 degree angle, cross them at the top, two by two and make a mark where they overlap so you can drill a hole for the dowel. Paint the wood and then assemble the rack. {found on stylecurator}.

Another possibility is to use a small cabinet or nightstand that you already own and to build a clothing rack around it. You can use it as a base for your design, as suggested on Atelierdecuriosite. If you like this design, here’s what you’ll need to make something similar: a small cabinet, four wooden rods, a wardrobe rod, a piece of wood board as big as the base of the cabinet and two leather strips.

Yet another very cool design idea comes from apairandsparediy. This clothing rack is made using two wooden ladders and it looks great. We like the ruggedness of the design and the fact that it looks casual and a bit industrial without making a big statement that way. We also like the versatility of the design and the fact that you can add boards as shelves, attach hooks or paint the rack to make it match the rest of the decor.
Minimalist clothing racks that you can buy

As easy as it is to build some of the racks we just showed you, buying a ready-made one is always easier. We found a few examples that we think you’ll like and this is one of them. This Standing Coat Rack is a cool extension of the traditional closet which can be used in a variety of different environments like bedrooms, entryways and even bathrooms.

This Garment Rack from Westelm is very stylish too. It comes in blue or black and it’s great for bedrooms and entry halls. It adds storage without taking up a lot of floor space and it looks chic and elegant while doing it. Even the design is very simple, the rack is actually quite bold.

Leni is part mirror and part clothing rack. It’s a multifunctional piece that can be used in a lot of ways and spaces. Let it lean against a wall in your bedroom or take it in the bathroom and put towels on it. It would also look lovely in an entrance hall. We like its golden tips and thin and slender construction.

If space is limited and you like simple designs with a bit of industrial flair, check out Ship, a minimalist clothing rack and organizer handcrafted with an iron frame and a wooden shelf for shoes, bags and other things.

This design is so incredibly simple that anyone could pull it off. As you can clearly see, this clothes rack looks like a ladder and that’s exactly what makes it stand out. There’s a detailed tutorial on instructables which explains exactly how you can build this ladder from scratch but, as always, you can add your own twist to the design if you want to. Follow these steps to put the ladder together, then customize it however you want to.

Another very simple idea is to use metal pipes and fittings to put together a freestanding clothing rack. This type of design suits industrial-style interiors but it’s also simple and versatile enough to fit nicely in a variety of spaces. The best part about this project is the simplicity of it. Building something like this is surprisingly easy. If you want to give it a try, there’s a tutorial on instructables that you can follow.

If your home has a high ceiling or a pitched roof, this pulley-controlled clothes rack would allow you to take advantage of that in a very clever and creative way. This design which is described in more detail on instructables allows you to secure the rack at various heights between the ceiling and the floor. This way you can get it out of the way when you don’t need it and you can save lots of floor space by not having to occupy it with a traditional drying rack every time you want to hang some clothes out to dry.

Here’s another design that makes use of metal pipes and fittings, but this time the rack is not meant to be a freestanding unit. The pipes are attached to the floor and to the wall which makes this a fixed unit. Something like this could fit nicely in your laundry room but you can also consider this design for the entryway. Check out instructables for more details, ideas and inspiration.

There’s something very special about this clothes rack and it’s not the simple and stylish design although it really looks great. This rack has built-in vibration sensors which are triggered whenever the hangers are moved or taken out and they make a tune. You can add something like this to your own clothes rack using all the pieces described on instructables. Of course, even without these smart extra features, this would still be a lovely design that you should try.

A small rack, the kind that’s wall-mounted, would make perfect sense in a small space or an entryway. We’re talking about a simple coat rack that you can put together yourself and which can include a shelf and a rod with hooks for clothes, bags and various other things. What’s great about this is that you can have the whole thing built yourself using only a few basic materials such as a metal pipe, some fittings and a piece of wood. Everything you need to know about this project can be found on beneathmyheart.

Although some designs can seem quite complicated, a lot of times they’re not. Take this clothes rack for example. It may not seem like something that you could build yourself from scratch at first but upon closer inspection there’s nothing really complicated about it. The bottom section is made out of wood and has a very simple shape and the top section is easy to figure out as well. With that in mind, consider giving this project a try. There’s a tutorial on homemade-modern that can help you along the way.

This stylish rack is made entirely out of wood and has a very beautiful Scandinavian-inspired design. We really like the way in which the wooden rod is attached to the shelf using rope. Something like this could fit nicely in your bedroom, bathroom or entryway and the design is simple enough for you to turn this into a DIY project. Check out this shelf on etsy for more details.

A combination of wood and metal can often look really good and we really like how natural and authentic everything looks here. This clothes rack is quite simple and has a single rod and a shelf on top which you can use to store and display various things on. You could quite easily recreate this look and turn this into a DIY home project. For more details about this product and how you can get in possession of it, check out etsy.

If you ever decide to make a metal pipe clothes rack, keep in mind that you can make it as big as you want to. This for example is a fairly large rack. Something like this can be cool if you want to be able to better organize all your clothes and display them in a nice way at the same time. If you plan on building something similar for yourself, feel free to add more rods or change the design however you see fit. You can find this particular model on etsy.

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