Our Favorite Amazon Home Purchases 2019

Amazon is my go-to for just about anything, but especially home items. You can find a ton of good gems on there ranging from pillow covers, furniture, and even televisions that don't break the bank. As we've moved from one home to another in the last few months, we've done lots of shuffling with pieces we've already had, and additional items that we've added to the mix. These are some of our favorites that we've curated over the years, and more recently. 
Pillow Covers: We've purchase so many pillow covers off of amazon it's not even funny. Our large ones that we have on our bed, some more on our couch, and this modern mountain printed one we have in Kyle's room have all come from Amazon. They've held up amazingly well, and we've gotten some great pillow inserts from Amazon as well. 
Buffalo Check Throw Blanket: We have this in Kyle's bedroom, and I love it so much. It's the perfect size to throw across the bottom of a queen size bed, and it adds the perfect amount of texture as well. It's perfect. 
My Nightstand: This nightstand is super modern and matches our dresser perfectly. It's survived three moves without any casualties, and it was the easiest piece of furniture to put together (just had to twist the legs into the holes!)
Our New TV: The TV Derek and I bought when we got married was super heavy, and on a super small base. After 10 moves it looked like it had scoliosis, was leaning to one side, and looked like it was going to snap off the base any day. We sold that to someone else, and replaced it with this much lighter one that was very inexpensive for a TV. We LOVE it. It's a smart TV with buttons on the remote for Hulu and Netflix. It feels like the greatest luxury in my life right now that I don't have to negotiate with Derek's playstation anytime we want to play a movie for the kids. 
White Storage Shelf: We've bought two of these in the last three years and I've loved it both times. It works perfectly to store books, toys, shoes, whatever you need, is super cheap, and fits the basic sized basics that you can buy at Target. It's also super sturdy and we've never had any issues! 
Little Gray Rope Basket: We have one of these small baskets in the kids rooms next to their beds with all of their favorite books in it, and they've been awesome for that task. You can fit several large picture books in them, or roughly 30 chapter books if you're Kyle. 
Cube Storage Baskets: We recently bought this 8 pack of baskets for our storage shelf when we moved into our new house and I've been super impressed with the quality. They're way cheaper per basket than what you'll get at Target, and a lot firmer and sturdier in my opinion! 
Steam Mop: Derek bought me this mop for Mother's Day and I'm still obsessed with it. Now that we have laminate floors in several areas of our new house, this is perfect to keep them clean without damaging them... and holy cow, it gets up way more dirt and grime than a swiffer mop ever will. 
Buffalo Check Place Mats:  I love being able to see the gorgeous wood of our dining room table, but still want to be able to protect it from being damaged by little kids. These placemats have been the perfect solution for us. They hold up super well in the wash, and we've used them daily for almost a year now. 
Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag: We have one of these sacks in each of the kid's rooms, and they're perfect for storing stuff animals, but also provide a functional seat as well. The kids love bringing these into the living room for movie nights, and I love that their rooms are not a complete disaster. 
Gray Weaved Throw Blanket: We've had this blanket at the foot of our bed for a couple years now, and we love it so much. It's super soft, the perfect length for a king size bed, and holds up really well in the wash! One of my favorite purchases!
Felt Letter Board: We had a different letter board from Target a few years ago, but I didn't love the look of it. We purchased this one off of Amazon and have been super happy with it. It's the perfect size and color that I wanted, and almost 1/4 the price of other ones on the market that are the same thing.  
Have you purchased something recently from Amazon that you love? I'd love to hear about it in the comments below! #HomeDecor