Pajamas, loungewear, and athleisure are really winning the “most worn” award of all the clothes in my closet right now, and I won’t pretend that I’m upset about this side effect of working from home

I go from pajamas to workout clothes, back to pajamas – often accenting my “outfit” with a very dirty apron for the meal portions of the day (I really need a new apron). The rest of the EHD team said they were feeling pretty similarly about their current wardrobe choices, so we though it would be fun to do a “night to day” (to night to day, to day to night – GET IT?) fashion story. Which would have essentially been a story about pajamas that you could slightly dress up for a “daytime look.” But that would have required putting on denim or something else which didn’t have an have an elastic waist.

That would offend my new outfit philosophy of “cotton and elastic only, forever.” For example, I put on an underwire bra the other day, in an experiment to see if I was “ready” to start wearing them again. Not surprisingly, the constricting metal cage imprisoning my love pillows felt really rude. I just don’t want to be wearing the fashion forward, constructing jeans and underwired bras of my office going days right now. So I pulled the plug on our original story idea, and instead we pivoted to a general story theme of COMFORT. What I actually want to be wearing while sitting in my home office all day (aka sitting at a desk propped up on paint cans shoved into guest room). Still, I didn’t need too much, nor did I feel like curating a ton of these comfy outfits on my own, so Sara and Veronica volunteered to also show off their loungewear.

But I’ll kick things off . . . .
Cape Jacket (Similar) | Leggings (Similar) | Vans
Only being able to shop online these days has made me think way more about what I need. And I really want pieces guaranteed to fit, fill a hole in my wardrobe, and be totally comfortable. Everything in this story is from Nordstrom, and I genuinely love it all.

The first things I needed were workout clothes (you know, for all the serious home workouts I’m doing these days), and my new workout running cape has a shape that makes me very happy. The one thing I am doing really regularly is going for walks/runs, and when I wore this out on a recent walk in the neighborhood I almost felt pulled together.
Cape Jacket (Similar) | Leggings (Similar) | Vans
I love how boxy and wide the cape is, with more fitted arms (and a hood should I want to go incognito up here). And those are my first pair of vans, which is weird, but I am enjoying them thus far and finally feel cool for the first time in my life. Although I think the “cool” way to wear them are with, like, a floral prairie dress (so unexpected!). But I wouldn’t take fashion advice from me right now, I think “matching pajamas” is a cohesive outfit.
PJ Top | PJ Bottom (Similar) | Slipper (Similar)
I finally tried the brand Eberjey (the blue top) and it’s very soft and flattering. The matching pants that look SO CUTE just sold out, but I think they have them in different colors. I feel like a broken record when I say this, but I like the silhouette of a boxy top with fitted arms. It’s apparently a thing for me.
PJ Top | PJ Bottom (Similar) | Slipper (Similar)
Those long john joggers, with the droppiest of drop crotches, are extremely comfortable and breathable. Please be careful attempting a drop crotch, once you go drop it’s hard to go back.
Pajama Set (Similar)
Like I’ve said before, wearing matching pajamas is like making your bed, but for your body, and at night. This set sold out yesterday (I’m sorry), but if it comes back in stock know that it’s a really nice mid-weight/warm set and extremely comfortable with a good drape. It’s almost a flannel.

I’d also like to note that this is Brian’s first time taking shots of me “modeling” and it was equal parts fun and painful for both of us – he did a good job, but staring at an empty coffee cup with that peaceful look on my face while he was taking photos of me was harder than it looks (and I think I like the unposed photos so much better these days anyway).
Pajama Set (Similar)Robe (Similar) | Pajama Set (Similar)| Socks (Similar)
My next high fashion look is another PJ set, but in a summer weight – with a short sleeve top and pants with a little ruffle at the hem. These are a little see through (you might see panty/bra lines), but still have a good drape. I also think it’s important for you to know that the “flowers” on my nightstand are 9 months old – dried perfectly from the photo shoot and I have no intention of refreshing them.
Robe (Similar) | Pajama Set (Similar)| Socks (Similar)
Now onto Sara and Veronica, who also like to only be comfortable these days in lounge-y clothes and athleisure. It’s a team experience. Take it away, Sara.
Fleece Zip Up | Leggings | Sneakers (similar)
Honestly, I never quite understood the whole “go for a walk” thing, but now that it’s really my only chance to get outside, I GET IT. I love going for a walk now. I’ll listen to loud dance music and do some speed walking (and dancing), or play some jazz and take photos of all the pretty plants around the neighborhood that I want to put in my own front yard. Recently it’s gotten WILDLY hot, but this is what I was wearing every evening when I went for my long walk. That fleece pullover is the single most comfortable item of clothing I own. It’s soft on the outside AND inside, is so cozy and warm, and I really like the colors. It just happens to match these active wear leggings – which have an ultra high waistband, super soft fabric, and a phone pocket which is essential for holding my phone and house key while I go strolling. I’m still wearing these leggings for my walks, but I’ve opted for a t-shirt on top these days.
Fleece Zip Up | Leggings | Sneakers (similar)Sweatshirt | Joggers | Ugg Slippers
This is pretty much my every day work outfit. I’ve decided that putting on jeans every day is unnecessary, and I’m much more comfortable in a pair of joggers, a sweat shirt, and some slippers. Em and I are both big fans of Uggs, and I especially appreciate how well they keep my ankles warm (is that just a me problem?). These joggers are perfect for lounging at home or running errands. They’ve got a really cute, subtle stripe pattern and texture, and are gathered at the ankles so they don’t drag on the ground. And finally, I love a graphic printed tee or sweatshirt, and that super soft one with a Los Angeles reference was an instant favorite.
Sweatshirt | Joggers | Ugg SlippersPJ Top | PJ Bottom | Slippers
Finally, this is what I’m wearing all weekend long. I love a coordinated set, but I also love simple neutrals. This sweatshirt and sweatpants lounge set give me both. And the material is light enough that they aren’t too warm to wear for a full day of lounging. But my favorite part about this outfit are those slippers. They are SO. COMFORTABLE. I don’t think I’ve ever loved a pair of slippers more – they’re soft, warm, easy to slide on, and keep my toes amazingly toasty. I’ll be buying these for the rest of my life, and if that’s not an endorsement I don’t know what is.
PJ Top | PJ Bottom | Slippers
Alright Veronica, you’re up next . . . .
Sleepy Head Pajamas
First of all, these pants are so soft it’s insane. It feels like I’m strutting around wearing clouds for pants!! Secondly, I am a huge fan of cute pjs sets and this gal is a goooood find. The top is a little boxy which is perfect for sleeping – not too tight and not too lose. But I would recommend sizing down!
Sleepy Head Pajamas Ditsy Floral Pajamas (similar)| slippers (similar)
Again, I am 10/10 all for a cute & cozy pajama set and this one checks both boxes. It’s ultra comfy and I think it could pass for a good grocery story or running errands outfit without looking too much like pajamas. The size runs a little big, but I think it’ll shrink a bit in the wash.
Ditsy Floral Pajamas (similar)| slippers (similar)
Ok, back to me (Emily). That’s it for our looks, and we KNOW that a lot of those items are sold out (good stuff goes fast, thanks to your quick fingers!), so I rounded up a few of the pieces I almost bought from Nordstrom which are still (hopefully) in stock. And to be honest, I’m thinking about moving a few more of these into my cart still.

1. Sneak Peek Sleep Shorts | 2. High Waist 7/8 Leggings | 3. Long Sleeve Active Tee| 4. Cragmont Fleece Jacket | 5. Short Pajamas | 6. Short Jersey Pajamas | 7. Linen Jogger Pants | 8. Stripe Pullover | 9. Dry Tempo Shorts

Who else is loving the lounge wear life right now? Or do we have anyone who is working from home, but still putting on jeans everyday? We applaud you and your fortitude. Now if you’ll excuse me, it’s time for me to go change into my afternoon sweatpants.

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