Peacock blue is a very distinctive color, a sort of greenish blue like that of a peacock’s neck

It’s a color that definitely stands out, one that’s even difficult to describe and this makes it fascinating. Artists and designers have found inspiration in its rich and vibrant beauty, so there are actually quite a few options you can choose from if you want to decorate with peacock blue and bring this brilliant color into your home.

Magnificent Ways To Upgrade Your Home With Peacock Blue
1. Add Peacock Blue Accessories

One of the most common ways to introduce such a special color into a room’s interior design is by finding accessories and decorations which can do that for you. These can be things like light fixtures, a range hood, an area rug, etc.

2. Check Out Peacock Blue Appliances

Some appliances actually come in special colors such as peacock blue and that makes them very appealing to those who want to add a touch of color to their home but would rather not use the conventional methods.

3. Even Oven Ranges Come In Peacock Blue

A peacock blue refrigerator or oven would definitely look cool in any kitchen, whether it’s modern, traditional, or even rustic. This is such an unusual and intriguing color that it transcends style.

4. Paint Your Cabinets Peacock Blue

There’s also always the option of custom furniture in cool and special colors such as peacock blue. Check out how gorgeous this kitchen looks. The blue looks amazing when paired with white.

5. Upgrade To Peacock Blue Furniture

In other spaces such as the living room, you have the option of turning a peacock blue sofa into a gorgeous focal point for the entire room. If you want to take things further, you could even paint one or all the walls in the same exquisite color.

6. Mount An Actual Peacock Painting

Emphasize the beauty of blue walls with artwork, perhaps even one which captures the grace and elegance of the peacock, the source of inspiration for the whole decor.

7. Make Your Walls Or Ceiling Peacock Blue

A colored ceiling can make a room look beautiful in a way you probably haven’t even considered until now. Peacock blue is an awesome color for the ceiling. It’s deep, rich, and vibrant and it bears resemblance to the sky and ocean. You can either let the ceiling be the center of attention by keeping the rest of the room simple and neutral or not.

8. Use Peacock Blue As A Backsplash

In the kitchen, you can try complementing a neutral color scheme with a majestic peacock blue backsplash. We love this minimalist design and in particular the contrast between the matte furniture and the shiny backsplash. We also love the way in which the white floor, walls, and countertops frame everything and allow the accent colors to stand out and complement each other.

9. Pair Peacock Blue With Neutrals

As you can see, peacock blue is actually a more common color than you think and there are lots of ways to bring it into your own home if you really want to. It looks beautiful when paired with neutrals such as grey or white but it also looks gorgeous in combination with wood and browns in general.

10. Set Out Other Peacock Themed Decorations

Show everyone where the inspiration for that exquisite peacock blue decor comes from by casually displaying artwork or accessories which reference the graceful peacock. It can be a painting, a sculpture, a vase, etc. Allow yourself to be creative.

11. Accent The Exterior Of Your Home With Peacock Blue Shutters

Peacock blue is such a deep and iconic color it shouldn’t be limited to just the interior of your home. You can use peacock blue to accent all different parts of the exterior of your home as well, such as your porch railing, front door, or trim. This was executed beautifully by That Sweet Tea Life, where peacock blue was used to repaint the window shudders, giving them a fresh and stand out look.

12. Peacock Blue Can Be Used In Any Room

If you are a bit hesitant to put peacock blue in your living room and kitchen areas, then consider putting it in your bedroom instead. Peacock blue can look great as lamp bases or shades on your nightstand, as curtain accents, or even as a bedspread. Because it is so bright, peacock blue is a great idea to brighten a room that you feel is too dark. Check out this example of a peacock blue room on Apartment Therapy.

13. Hang Peacock Blue Curtains

Speaking of bedroom accents, peacock blue curtains can be used in any room of your home to incorporate the color without having to repaint. For those that think full peacock blue curtains like these pictured in Decorpad might be a bit much for you, don’t worry, as there are several different designs of curtains that feature peacock blue. You can also consider alternating peacock blue curtain panels with a neutral color panel so the color isn’t quite as overpowering.

14. Brighten A Bathroom With Peacock Blue Tile

Beyond the bedroom, another room that can really benefit from bright peacock accents is the bathroom. Many shapes and styles of tile come in peacock blue, and you can use them to tile your bathroom entirely, or maybe just to redo your shower. In this bathroom on Love Property, a glass-like peacock blue tile was used to partially tile the bathroom as an accent to the beautiful wooden vanity, without making the room too dark. The light pink sink and gold hardware are an especially nice touch because of the way it boldly off-sets the peacock blue.

15. Purchase Peacock Table Décor

One area that is very easy to implement peacock decorations is in your dining room. This is because you can usually find a variety of peacock table decorations and these can easily be changed as the seasons, or your tastes, change. You can make peacock centerpieces, or invest in peacock dishes to make this beautiful set up featured on Peacock Theme Wedding. No matter what you choose, you can’t go wrong with peacock blue on your dining room table!

16. Paint Trim And Window Frames With Peacock Blue

Even if tile isn’t quite your style, you don’t have to rule out peacock blue in the bathroom just yet. Peacock blue is a great accent color when it comes to sprucing up trim and boring window frames. Just look at this bathroom in Decorpad, the peacock blue trim really stands out and brings some character to the room while the window frame perfectly matches the selected peacock accented curtains much better than if both details had been left white.

17. Place A Peacock Blue Throw Blanket

Because peacock blue is such a powerful color, it can sometimes be overwhelming to decorate a room entirely in it. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t still use it in your décor! Consider selecting something smaller and less overpowering like a peacock blue throw pillow or blanket in your living room like they did in That Sweet Tea Life. As you can see this room is already painted boldly so the deep peacock blue throw helps bring color to the furniture without the room being overdone with color.

18. Consider Peacock Blue Colored Wallpaper

Wallpaper can be a great addition to any room, notably one that can benefit from the statement that comes with a printed wall. Wallpaper with peacock blue patterns is no exception. Take a look at this beautiful peacock blue wallpaper featured on Wallpaper Safari. In addition to being a gorgeous color, the pattern of this wallpaper really embodies the idea of a peacock with its swirl and feather style.

19. Add Peacock Blue Chairs To Your Dining Room

If the previously listed peacock blue dishes just weren’t for you, don’t eliminate the possibility of having peacock blue in your dining room just yet. Did you know that peacock blue pairs well with all colors of wood? This makes peacock blue an ideal choice for the chairs in your dining room, and it can be as simple as having the ones you already have re-upholstered. Or you can go all out like they did in Celebes and buy some modern, all-peacock blue plush chairs.

20. Install A Peacock Blue Sink

You were probably surprised to find out that fridges, ovens, and even over ranges can be found in peacock blue, but it doesn’t stop there, as toilets, sinks, and other bathroom fixtures can also be found in this amazing color. Putting a peacock blue sink in your bathroom like they did in Decorpad is truly the best way to spice up a room with one simple change. Now, this bathroom is brighter and more fun than before without the hectic job of having to retile the entire room!

Whether you decide to add a peacock blue appliance to your kitchen, or go all out and transform your home into a peacock blue paradise, this color is definitely one to keep in mind! With a color as vibrant and unique as peacock blue used in your home, you are sure to make a stunning statement. And you will absolutely love the regal and magnificent beauty a color like peacock blue inspires in you as you enjoy lounging in your now peacock blue living room.

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