Pick from these DIY nightstands ideas, and make your own before running your pockets dry for a similar yet expensive kind.

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Need some bedroom decorating ideas? How about making a DIY nightstand? If you’re looking for a DIY furniture project to spruce your bedroom in a flash, then this may just be the thing for you!

I’ve been recently doing some decorating in my girl’s bedroom and I just couldn’t put my finger to what was missing. She has her new headboard; we just painted the walls, but it still seems like there’s something we can still work on.

Then it hit me, she needs a nightstand. So like what normal mothers and daughters do, in my opinion, we bonded and spent a few hours looking for DIY nightstand ideas on Pinterest.

So if you think you’re bedroom decor needs an updo, why not try adding a nightstand. I’m sharing some cool and cheap ideas you can choose from.
1. $15 Rustic Nightstand

Try your beginner’s DIY skills by making this super simple and easy repurposed furniture idea. You can make a cheap nightstand by using two wooden milk crates and some wood glue.
2. DIY Desk or Nightstand

Now, let’s try your DIY skills on some more advanced woodworking projects. This is a piece of multipurpose DIY furniture you can turn into a desk or nightstand.

Don’t be turned off by the power tools because this tutorial comes with free woodworking plans guiding you through every step.
3. Urban Outfitters Inspired Hanging Nightstand

Have you seen the adorable hanging nightstand in urban outfitters? Here’s an awesome tutorial on how you can make a knockoff.
4. Antique Nightstand Revamp

For when you hit a good find in the thrift store, like an antique nightstand, I think this revamp tutorial will come in handy. A paint color you love and a shabby chic design will make you this antique nightshade.
5. Stenciled and Stained Nightstand

Did you know, stencil and some wood stain can turn your old furniture to something this beautiful? This is why we never throw some of our old stuff away even when they look a little out of shape.

A brilliant idea like this DIY stenciling and staining furniture will come along, like today and you’ll be happy you kept your old pair of nightstands. Get this project going now!
6. Black and White Striped IKEA Nightstand

Love IKEA hacks? You’ll love how this SELJE nightstand from IKEA looks like. It’s a narrow nightstand for bedrooms with space issues.

If you’re going for the minimalistic look for your bedroom, this chic design for a DIY nightstand is what you should go for.
7. DIY Crate Nightstand

Thanks to these DIY ideas, you don’t have to break the bank to furnish a bedroom. You can upcycle some crates to make this inexpensive nightstand.

In fact, you can make organize and decorate your bedroom with furniture made entirely from crates and upcycled wood pallets.
8. IKEA Stool Nightstand

Ever thought of turning a stool into a nightstand? This IKEA hack will show you how.

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9. Midcentury Nightstand

Make a simple nightstand from four pieces of wood. You’ll be surprised by how great this DIY furniture will look like.
10. Coral & Gold Nightstand Makeover

Do you know distressing your furniture makes for an awesome makeover? Take this distressed piece–one of the brightest and most beautiful DIY nightstands out there!
11. DIY Nightstand with Bun Feet

Make a DIY nightstand with adorable bun feet. It makes for great storage too.
12. $8 Night Stand Table

Whenever you can, always hit a garage sale, flea market, or a thrift store for some old furniture like a nightstand.  With paint and mod podge, a plain or vintage nightstand can turn into something this fabulous at $8!
13. Trash Can Nightstand

I’m sure any beginner crafter can make this. All you need is a cute and stylish trash can, some paint, turn it upside down, and voila! A DIY trash can nightstand.
14. DIY Mirrored Nightstand

Adding mirrors into your nightstand can turn it into something chic and classy. Isn’t this one of the chicest bedside table ideas around?
15. Floating Nightstand

With some wood and wires, you can make this cheap and space-saving floating nightstand. It’s as easy as one, two, three, too.

You only need to cut a circular wood, place a leather on top, drill holes, then attach strings, and you’re done in no time.
16. DIY Pallet Nightstand

Do you have some leftover pallets lying around from your last pallet project? If you can’t think of what pallet project to do next, make this rustic homemade nightstand.

It’s one of the coolest DIY nightstands perfect for a man cave or your boys’ bedroom!
17. Suitcase Nightstand

Attach wooden legs into a vintage suitcase and turn it into a nightstand. Or, you can also try the other popular version with three vintage suitcases stacked to create one of the unique nightstands ideas.

Want some trendy bedroom lighting? Play this video from The Sorry Girls for some super easy DIY wall sconces for your bedroom:

With this decent roundup of DIY nightstand ideas, there should be one perfect and right for your bedroom. From modern nightstands to classic nightstand ideas, there is one waiting for your DIY hands to work on.

Don’t miss out on the fun of furnishing your bedroom according to your taste. Never miss out on the excitement of building your furnishings on your own too, plus saving up for more important stuff like your dream vacay!

Which DIY nightstands idea are you planning to try? Share your experience with us in the comments section below!

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