The coffee table would have to be one of the most versatile pieces of furniture one could make

It’s not just for the living room and it doesn’t always have to be rectangular. You can take it outside on the porch or choose to group several small accent tables together instead of a single pieces so you can have more flexibility. Find out more about these ideas and more through the DIY coffee table projects featured below.

If you’re looking to build something for your outdoor deck or patio, consider a pallet coffee table. It’s easy to put together and cheap to make. Also, it would look very charming if you decide to keep the time-worn appearance of the wood.

A pallet table with hairpin legs could look cute in the living room especially if the goal is to create a cozy and casual ambiance. The hairpin legs give it a slender and feminine look and the pallet top can be built to include storage shelves inside.

You can use a variety of different materials when building a coffee table. For example, you can even give your coffee table a tile top. Use a single large tile if possible to maintain a clean and simple look and a flat surface.

Here’s another coffee table with hairpin legs but this time with a more slender and clean look. It has a practical storage shelf for things like magazines, remote controls, phones and other such items.

You can also put hairpin legs on a wood slab table and you can turn this into a stylish companion for your living room sofa or that cozy lounge chair in the reading corner. Leave the bark on for more character.

A smaller version of the coffee table can serve as an accent piece in the living room or even as a nightstand in the bedroom. This hairpin leg side table is a great example. This one is not tiny but it’s not big either but of course you can change the proportions as you see fit.

Put together 4 wooden crates to make a coffee table. It’s a very simple project which you can complete within minutes. Also, the crate table actually looks pretty nice and has these neat storage nooks on each side where you can keep books, magazines and all sorts of things.

The trend of coffee tables with hairpin legs continues with this unique piece that features a solid live edge piece of wood as its top. We love the knots and all the imperfections in the wood. They give the table lots of character.

If you’re looking to give your table a little bit of extra charm, a cool idea could be to carve out a hole at the center and to put a planter inside. You can be sure your new Ikea Lack table will stand out. Use this as an accent piece or even as your main coffee table.

Speaking of Ikea hacks, check out this other cool project from hunker. This started out as a IKEA Alseda stool which is a lovely piece on its own. It got a plywood base and four cute little legs and just like that it became a chic little table.

If it’s an outdoor coffee table you want to build, consider a more rugged design and maybe using some less common materials as well. This table featured on bybrittanygoldwyn has a top made of three concrete pavers and a wooden frame.

Want to explore a bit your creative side? How about an artsy coffee table that captures your style in a unique way? One such idea is described in a project from deliciousanddiy. The supplies used include some Agate crystal slices, resin, mod podge, paint in different colors, glitter, wood stain, tape, a drill, wood boards and a foam paintbrush.

You’ve probably seen those amazing tables with resin inserts since they’ve been very popular for quite some time now. Well, you can make your own amazing coffee table using a similar technique. It’s all described on instructables.

Round coffee tables are charming in their own special way. They’re also not any more difficult to build than rectangular tables. The technique is just a bit different but that always depends on the type of design that you choose. The instructions for this particular table can be found on themerrythought.

We’re absolutely in love with this type of sculptural coffee tables that truly look like works of art. A designer piece however costs a fortune. The good news however is that you can make your own table from scratch if you can find a cool-looking piece of driftwood to use as a base. Find out more about this idea on charlestoncrafted.

Give your new coffee table a marble top to make it look elegant and also to make cleaning easy. White Carrera marble always looks amazing and is also quite affordable too, not to mention that marble is timeless so you don’t have to worry about your new table going out of style. Check out the details on thestripedhouse.

A blocky coffee table like this one has its charm too. The boxy design allows it to better showcase the beautiful and natural patterns and knots on the wood boards so don’t hide the imperfections but rather learn to take advantage of them. You can find this project on diycandy.

Since pallet wood already has that signature vintage look, you can choose to exploit that in your projects. A perfect example of how you can do this is a sawhorse coffee table featured on funkyjunkinteriors. It’s such an unusual-looking piece that you can actually place it in a variety of different settings and use it for different purposes, depending on your needs.

Take a round piece of wood and screw four hairpin legs on its underside….it doesn’t really get any simpler than that. You’ll have a stylish coffee table in no time and you can choose to customize it if you want to. For example, you could spray paint the legs. You can find the instructions on deliacreates in case you need them.

I sure wish I had a table like this when I was a kid. For some reason writing and drawing with chalk on furniture is oddly satisfying so you might as well embrace the idea. Building a chalkboard coffee table is easy and you can even choose to give an existing table a makeover rather than building something from scratch. It’s all on burlapandblue.

This would have to be one of the most unusual DIY coffee table project we’ve encountered. It comes from instructables and it has a strong industrial vibe. All that’s needed for this table is wire decks, an acrylic sheet for the top and a bunch of cable ties.

If you like the industrial look another cool idea is to build the frame using metal pipes and fittings. Complement it with a wooden top for a pleasant balance of textures and finishes. You can spray paint the pipes to give them a less rugged appearance or use copper pipes which already look chic. Check out imgur for more details.

An all-wood coffee table is always an option. A trip to your local hardware store will allow you to get all the materials you need, including some ornate details which you might want to include in your design. Check out imgur to find out more about the project.

You know what else you could use to make a unique table top? Concrete. It’s more versatile than you think and it will give your new table a solid and sturdy look. Also, it’s nice that you can play with various different shapes that you might like. Complement the concrete top with a wooden base and a few metallic accents for a stylish industrial look. Check out imgur for more details.

If not for those cool-looking metal casters this coffee table would actually look pretty conventional. This project from shanty-2-chic proves once again how important the little details are when designing anything.

Having any kind of storage option built into the coffee table is very convenient, as proven by this cool little project featured on hertoolbelt. The table has these little wooden crates that fit perfect inside its frame and which can be used for storage or even as seats.

Part of being creative is finding new uses for certain items and that’s something you can definitely take advantage of when making your own coffee table from scratch. A cool idea comes from itsagrandvillelife. This table uses four wooden pillars as supports for its frame and it looks amazing.

If you like the look of this sawhorse coffee table you should definitely check out the tutorial from rogueengineer. It explains how you too could build something like this from scratch and you can use the info to build a dining table that shares the same style if you ever want to.

Even if your coffee table doesn’t have any sort of drawers, shelves or secret storage options you can still keep a cute basket underneath if there’s room. This little table featured on cherishedbliss shows you how that might look like.

Adding a little artistic touch to your DIY coffee table design is not that difficult. Geometric designs and patterns are easy to work with and to incorporate into just about any project. If you need some inspiration, check out this cool table from diyhuntress.

A factory cart-style table like the one featured on addicted2decorating could be nice outdoors on patios or decks, especially if you put casters on it. The rope handles are a chic little touch and really spice up the design.

Add a warm and cozy touch to your living room with a farmhouse-style coffee table. This one has the signature X-shape frame design and a handy shelf at the bottom which can hold a crate, a basket, a stack of books or a few decorations. Check it out on shanty-2-chic.

Isn’t it cool how this coffee table looks like a random stack of boards? It definitely has a casual vibe and the design offers lots of opportunities for customization. Check out the tutorial for this table on abeautifulmess and start from there.

This round coffee table from shanty-2-chic reminds us of those empty cable spools which by the way you can repurpose into furniture pieces for your outdoor deck or potentially a rustic interior. The symmetrical design is quite interesting.

Repurposing an old shutter into a table top is not something many think of which is why we find this coffee table project from farmhousemade so interesting. The shutter basically divides the table top into several sections and that can actually work out pretty well in the end.

It could also be interesting to have a coffee table that’s actually more than just a table. Maybe you’d enjoy a table with a little planter built right into it. Alternatively, you could turn that cut out section into a little cooler for your drinks when you’re entertaining. Check out instructables to find out how this is made.

Speaking of interesting coffee table designs, we’re also excited to share with you this other cool project from instructables. This table is made of six wooden boxes arranged around a metal frame. It has a minecraft-ish look and it’s easily something you can put it in a modern or a contemporary living room.

Why bother with a chess or checker board when you can actually use the table as one? This is actually a very cool idea for an outdoor table or a coffee table that you can put in your game room or even in the living room. It would definitely make a great conversation piece. Check out the instructions on shanty-2-chic.

Hidden storage is always cool and this coffee table shows us one way to make it work when you’re building your own furniture. The top of the table has hinges which allow the internal storage compartment to be accessed from two sides. They also give the table a distinguished rustic appearance. You can find the tutorial for this on shanty-2-chic.

This is a nice look for a dining table but you could potentially adjust the design a bit if you want to apply the same design principles when building your coffee table. We like the storage shelf underneath the top and the solid wood legs. If you feel the same way, check out diymontreal for more info on this project.

As cool-looking as this coffee table may be, finding live edge wood slab like that is not easy. At the same time, that means each table is unique since there are no two trees exactly alike. The hairpin legs balance out the design and give the table a sleek and lightweight appearance. Check out charlestoncrafted for more details on this.

A DIY coffee table is one of the best ways in which you can customize a sitting area or a living room and that’s true for the outdoor areas as well. This table would be perfect for a deck or a patio area. It doubles as a large planter for succulents and has a transparent top which lets you see inside and admire the beautiful greenery. Check out snugglebuguniversity to find out how it was made.

As mentioned previously, a big wood slice makes a great top for an accent table or in some cases even for a coffee table. What’s cool about this design is that each piece of wood is unique and thus each table is equally unusual and special. You can even go as far as to use a wood slice with visible cracks or cuts and other imperfections in order to give your table more character. Find out more about this project on craftifymylove.

This is a mid-century DIY table that was featured on ohohdeco. It looks great as an end table but with a few small design changes you could also use the same principles to make yourself a coffee table. It would have to be lower and possibly bigger too. You’re going to need plywood panels for the hexagon-shaped sections and wooden dowels or repurposed broom handles which you can paint or stain in any color you want.

A tree stump coffee table is one of the easiest things you can make. There’s barely any work to be one, especially if you decide to go with a natural look. There are of course lots of ways in which you can customize such a table. You can seal it to preserve its original look but you can also paint it, install wheels or casters on it and even combine multiple colors and finishes to create interesting patterns and designs. Another cool idea is to combine several tree stump tables to create a set. Check out twelveonmain for more inspiring ideas.

We really like the pattern on the top of this DIY coffee table from uglyducklinghouse. As it turns out, it’s not difficult to replicate and you only need a piece of plywood and a bunch of reclaimed boards. The idea is to cut the plywood to the desires size and shape and then to cover it with boards placed on top of it at an angle. After some sanding and staining, everything will fuse together beautifully and you can install the hairpin legs to complete the table.

It’s always interesting to see coffee tables made using repurposed materials and that includes a lot more than just pallet boards and reclaimed wood. Take this lovely design for example. Those are wood pillars, the kind usually used on staircases and balustrades. Finding four posts that look like shouldn’t be that difficult and once you bring them home you can have them stained or painted to match your style even better. You can find more details about this project on itsagrandvillelife if you’re interested.

Speaking of coffee tables made from repurposed materials, check out this unusual project from findinghomefarms. This outdoor table was made from a chicken crate. It has tons of character and it’s a great conversation starter. If you want to make something similar you just need to find yourself a chicken crate/ coop, clean it, attach a piece of plywood at the bottom, put some plexiglass on top and install casters if you want to be able to move it around easily.

Another equally interesting and unusual project can be found on martysmusings. This time the table uses an old window as a top. The rest of the table is crated from fence boards which gives the cost of this whole project low. Additionally, the window top can be lifted up and the space underneath can be accessed and used for storage.

A bunch of old fence boards were used here to make this amazing factory cart-style coffee table. The gray patina and the weathered look of the wood gives this table such a lovely and unique look. Casters were installed on the bottom and rope handles were added to the sides, making it super easy to move this table around. If you like what you see head over to addicted2decorating to find out all the details behind this project.

Having a coffee table with some sort of integrated storage is always useful and that’s something you can take care of yourself if you’re building your own table from scratch. It doesn’t need to be a complicated project. This table for example has a side panel that folds down to reveal a hidden storage area inside. You could easily build something similar. Follow this tutorial on youtube and you’ll be done in no time.

This DIY table has some built-in storage too. It’s not a hidden compartment but rather a very open space which gives the table a desk-like appearance. The mid-century modern design suits it beautifully and also makes this project super easy. The entire table was made from a single sheet of plywood. Check out the tutorial on youtube to find out more about it.

Metal-based coffee tables are very stylish and look lightweight, sleek and elegant while also being very simple. There are numerous ways in which you can craft one for yourself and there’s one tutorial on youtube that stands out. It shows how you can build this table without any welding. The secret is square aluminum tubing. It’s easy to cut and you can push square wooden dowels inside them to make them stronger and sturdier.

There’s one area we haven’t explored yet: smart coffee tables. The term is pretty abstract and can refer to a lot of different features. In this particular case we’re talking about a motorized coffee table with a built-in pop-up outlet, a secret compartment and also a projector. On top of it all, the design is really cool is stylish. Be sure to check out the complete tutorial on youtube if you want to make this table yourself.

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