The world of dreams, magic and witchcraft are all intricately connected.  

Every night, you get the chance to draw back the Veil Between Worlds and unshroud the mystery of your unconscious mind. 

Learning to work with your dreams deepens your self-awareness, illuminates your relationship with the divine, and reshapes the way you see your waking life.  

Dreaming is a universal phenomenon.  Everyone dreams—even if you don’t remember it. 

But no one knows why we dream, or where dreams come from. 

Intriguingly, not all dreams can be explained by the stimuli in our conscious world. 

For example, one study concluded that even blind people may experience visual dreams.  

Make the most of this otherworldly gift with the following ideas to bring your dream world to life.
Use the Dark Moon
The night of the dark moon embodies psychic awareness, unconscious thought and the Veil Between Worlds.

That makes it the perfect time to begin a dream practice.

Whenever you start a new dream exercise, consider doing it in 28-day cycles beginning and ending on the night of the dark moon.
Start a Dream Journal
Possibly the most foundational practice in dream work, a dream journal offers profound insight into your dream life.

After a couple of weeks, you quickly notice patterns, re-occurring themes and sometimes, startling revelations.

Keep a notebook or your Book of Shadows by your bed.

Write down everything you remember as soon as you wake up.  Don’t lay around for 5-10 minutes.  Even after 30 seconds, the details of your dreams already begin to fade.  

Be as detailed as possible.  Even the smallest pixel of a dream is rich with meaning.

Commit to doing this everyday for a full moon cycle.  
Reading Tarot for Your Dreams
Enhance your dream practice with a nightly one-card tarot spread.

Before you go to sleep at night, sit quietly on your bed for a few moments with your chosen tarot deck.

(My hands-down favorite deck for dream work is the beautiful, stunningly surreal affiliate link —-> Ceccoli Tarot).

Draw a single card.  Take a few moments to contemplate the details of that card.  If you wish, note any impression you have of the card in your dream journal or Book of Shadows.

Leave the card turned face down on the nightstand overnight.

Then next morning, after you record your dreams, turn the card over again.  Note any connections between your dreams and the card’s message.
DIY Some Dream Oil
Dream oil is an oil blend that specifically includes ingredients known to intensify dreams.

Put a couple of ounces of olive oil (or other carrier oil) in a glass jar.  Add a few drops of lavender essential oil, some patchouli oil and/or a little rose oil.

Leave it under the dark moon to charge.  Anoint your pulse points, avoiding contact with eyes, every night.

Fall into your pillows and say “Ahhh . . .”
Try a Dream Spell Jar
A spell jar is simply a jar filled with spell ingredients that match your intention and charged for that purpose.

Try making this DIY dream spell jar to promote more vivid, psychic or inspirational dreams.

With dried mint, lavender and chamomile, it even smells dreamy.  
Start Working with Dream Stones
If you are a gemstone junkie, there are plenty of crystals and stones specifically used to enhance your dream life.

Amethyst is a relatively inexpensive dream stone available at almost any occult or new shop.

Moonstone, lapis lazuli and hemimorphite are also excellent choices.

Once you select a dream stone to work with, add it to your dream jar, sleep with it under your pillow or hang it over the bed.   
Try this exercise.
I designed this exercise specifically for witches new to dream work.

However, anyone may use it to enhance a dream practice.

It only takes a few minutes a day and the results can be life-changing!
Experiment with Lucid Dreaming
The art of lucid dreaming begins with learning to “wake up” inside your dreams, or become aware that you are dreaming. 

This technique produces remarkably vivid dreams that feel as real as your conscious world.

If you think you’ve had a lucid dream, trust me, you haven’t.  When it happens, you know it.  


My favorite book on this subject is (affiliate link —->)  The Lucid Dreamer:  The Waking Guide for the Traveler Between Worlds by Malcolm Godwin.  It’s out of print, but you can still pick one up on Amazon.  I read this book in my 20s.  I never had a lucid dream before, but I had them every night while reading that book.  It’s amazing.
Learn About Vision Herbs
Vision herbs are herbs specifically used to enhance dreams and visions.

Some of them are extremely toxic, and not necessarily appropriate for the beginning herbalist.  

However, as focus on your dreams more, it’s a great time to get to learn about the lore and history of vision herbs in order to deepen your herbal knowledge base.

If you know an advanced herbalist who knows exactly what they are doing, you may even consider trying flying ointment.

Blessed be.

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