There are so many bedroom organization products available these days

Some are brilliant and even life saving and others are a waste of money and resources. Here are more than 50 of my favorite bedroom organization products and DIY ideas that really work.

If you haven’t already, you should start any bedroom organization project by decluttering. You’ll find these decluttering bedroom ideas a great place to start for all your bedroom decluttering help.
How Can I Make My Bedroom More Organized Edit, edit, edit! (also known as decluttering) Make the most of every part of the room for bedroom organization opportunities. Use the space all the way to the ceiling with tall shelving units or wall shelving. Maximize your closet storage with either closet organization products or smart organizing systems. Store items on the wall like art. This works great for jewelry, scarves, hats or bags. Use the space behind doors. Pull the bed a few feet away from the wall and create hidden storage there. Use the space under the bed. Choose bedroom furniture that provides maximum storage. Use “dead space” like placing a shelf over the door for seasonal item storage. Consider if corner shelves will work. Edit and declutter on an on-going basis. Bedroom Organization
We’re in week three of the Organized Home Challenge 5 Rooms in 5 Weeks. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the challenge and sign up to join. It’s never too late to join to create an organized home.
DIY and Free Bedroom Organization Ideas Organizing Necklaces DIY Project – No crafting or handiwoman skills needed. A quick trip to the dollar store and less than $5 will create a space saving way to organize necklaces.
DIY Clothes Storage Box – You can use repurposed boxes to store clothes in a pinch. Decorating them makes them useful and pretty.
Repurposed Sock Organizer – Save the landfill with this no-cost sock organizer that works perfectly.
No Cost Boot Storage – No need to purchase or craft boot organizers. This tip couldn’t be any easier to do. Repurposed Earring Holder – Use a repurosed kitchen item for a creative way to store earrings by using that vertical space on the wall. Repurposed Scarf Organizer – Another almost embarrassingly easy organizing ideas that doesn’t cost a penny and takes zero effort to create. Earring Holder for $2 – This earring organizer costs $2-$3, takes under 5 minutes and zero crafting skills to make. Repurposed Cocoa Can – These lovely storage cans are perfect for jewelry or small item storage. They require minimal crafting skill and save the landfill. Storing Shoes – A free shoe storage option that we’ve used for college dorm shoe storage for a combined 8 years of college. Upcycled Box – The idea used to create a party serving tray works perfect for creating open storage bins for your closet. Another no-skill and no-cost storage idea. Stylish Organizing Boxes – This simple and pretty storage bin has been used in my home for over seven years. You can create your own from upcycled supplies and no crafting skills.
Now onto bedroom organization products for every need and situation.
Bedroom Storage Behind the Door Storage Behind-the-Door Cabinet Horizontal Shoe Organizer Shoe and Accessory Organizer Over-the-Door Purse Organizer – Eligible for Amazon Prime Elfa Door Rack 24 Mesh Pocket Over-the-Door Organizer 4 Wide Pocket Over-the-Door Organizer Closet Organization Products Free Standing Double Closet Rod – Eligible for Amazon Prime Elfa 3-foot Reach-in Closet Elfa 5-foot Reach-in Closet Elfa His and Hers Closet Wall Vinyl Pocket Purse Organizer – Eligible for Amazon Prime 4-Tier Pants or Skirt Hangers Acrylic 3-Tier Purse Organizer – Eligible for Amazon Prime Double Closet Rod Extender – Eligible for Amazon Prime Design Your Own Dream Closet with Easy Closets Closet Shelf Dividers – Eligible for Amazon Prime Tie or Scarf Organizer – Eligible for Amazon Prime The SockDock – Use coupon code organized31 for free shipping Bedroom Cupboards & Furniture Bed with Drawers Lift Up Bed with Storage Bed with Drawers and Headboard Storage Nightstand with Maximum Storage Jewelry Cabinet Armoire 8 Cube Organizer IKEA Wardrobe Cabinet 36 Shoe Organizer Shelf Portable Wardrobe Closet Cubes – IKEA 3-door Wardrobe Cabinet Portable Bedroom Closet and Shelving – Eligible for Amazon Prime Industrial Clothing Rack – Eligible for Amazon Prime Wall Storage Rustic Wall-mounted Jewelry Organizer – Eligible for Amazon Prime Floating Wall Shelves – Eligible for Amazon Prime Metal Bin Organizers – Eligible for Amazon Prime KiO Wall Shelves Underbed Storage Boot Storage Underbed Storage Bag – Eligible for Amazon Prime 16 Compartment Underbed Shoe Storage Plastic Underbed Box Underbed Drawer Long Underbed Storage Box with Wheels Underbed Storage Bag – Eligible for Amazon Prime Rolling Underbed Storage Cart – Eligible for Amazon Prime
Bedroom organization really is possible with the right DIY project and the right products. Pin for later when you’re ready to tackle your bedroom organization.

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