There are some elements of our house that we see purely as aesthetic additions and others that we stereotype as only functional ones

Yet, in many cases, décor and design features can serve both the purposes simultaneously. A mirror in the bedroom is no different. It adds to both the form and functionality of a small bedroom and does so without ever feeling out of place. Yet, the traditional dressing mirror or the large mirror inside the walk-in closet are not the only options in here. You can go a step further with mirrored doors that combine two different functions into one!
Wallpaper brings both color and pattern to this small bedroom of Saint Petersburg apartment [From: Jeanne Bundakova]
Mirrored doors in small bedrooms can come either in the form of the main bedroom door and one that connects the bedroom with the bathroom or it could be the closet door as well. Which path you would like to take depends on both the style of the room, available space and the distribution of light inside it. From the understated to the absolutely unmissable, this is a look at the best and most inventive bedrooms with mirrored doors – an idea that you should definitely reflect upon this summer!
Mirrored Closets and Wardrobes
The easiest and most often used idea when it comes to mirrored doors is to replace your old bedroom wardrobe doors with ones that offer a mirrored finish. This is an understandably easy choice to make and one that has plenty of advantages. In the small bedroom, these sliding doors create a more visually spacious area, eliminate any sense of darkness and the room just feels a lot more cheerful in general. These doors are not very expensive and they fit in easily with a wide variety of styles ranging from modern and Scandinavian to shabby chic and eclectic.
Lovely modern bedroom in gray and white with smart mirrored closet doors and mirrored nightstand [From: Derrick Mar]Minimal bedroom with mirrored wardrobe doors and a cheerful ambiance [From: Battersea Builders]Mirrored inset doors look good even in the traditional bedroom and style is not a constraint [From: Covenant Millwork]Gorgeous red and white modern bedroom with lovely Mirrored closet doors that steal the show [From: HomeStory Doors of Sacramento]Doors with Mirrored Finishes
Doors with mirrored finishes are bit more of a rarity since most homeowners do not really want to replace their main bedroom door with one that is much glossier. Yet, you can still benefit from this idea and you can use the mirrored door to delineate the bedroom from the bathroom. The style of doors here is not limited to contemporary alone and you can get more traditional designs as well to fit in with styles like French country, farmhouse or even Victorian in the bedroom.
Sliding barn style door with mirrored finish for the modern rustic bedroom in neutral colors [From: Ezra Lee Design + Build]Tranquil modern Victorian bedroom in white and gray with mirrored door that adds to the brightness [From: Jessica Helgerson Interior Design]Large mirrored door leading to the stairwell also adds a hint of red to the bedroom [From: Alexander Butler Design Services]Reflection of Style
You just might not have enough space for a separate dressing area in the small bedroom and this is what makes the mirrored door idea such a practical one. Once considered a style of just the 70’s and 80’s, reflective décor and finishes are once again in trend. This makes these dashing doors perfect for a bedroom where you just feel the atmosphere is a touch ‘low and dull’. And if you are one of those people who freeze and adjust things endlessly every time they stand in front of a mirror, then you will find this idea even more appealing.
Smart sliding mirrored closet doors for the small modern bedroomTiny bedroom with mirrored closet doors feels much larger than it really is [From: Design Ark]
More than the mirrored door itself, is the frame (or lack of one) around it that actually creates a style statement. This is why every mall bedroom can easily have a door with mirror on top. We do agree though that this is not the best of ideas if you have kids in the home who frequent the bedroom.
Modern minimal bedroom wardrobe with mirrored doors gives it a spacious visual appeal [From: Josh Wynne Construction]Finding the right look for your bedroom with mirrored closet doors
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