These easy home DIY projects can all be made in under 3 hours.  

If you are looking for easy DIY projects that you can make in under 3 hours, you will love these 30+ home ideas. There are gift ideas for both Mom & Dad, as well as DIY planters, easy builds and storage projects. Take a look around and let me know what your favorite project is. 

30+ Easy Home DIY Projects You Can Make In Under 3 Hours
If you want to get some home projects done, but don't want to spend a bunch of time, this is for you. I've rounded up a great collecton of easy home DIY projects that can all be made in less than 3 hours.
DIY Storage Ideas
Add more storage to your home with these simple DIY project ideas.
DIY Iron Holder with Ironing Board Storage
This DIY Iron Holder with Ironing Board Storage is one of those super quick DIYs but it comes in so handy.
Continue Reading DIY Bathroom Storage Shelves
Build your own bathroom storage shelves for above the toilet. You'll have the perfect place to store some of those bathroom necessities.
Continue Reading Easy Drop Cloth Storage Boxes
Cover any extra boxes your have with inexpensive but sturdy drop cloth for the perfect storage solution.
Continue Reading Drop Cloth Hanging Shoe Storage
This drop cloth hanging shoe storage will keep your shoes off the closet floor. Instead all your shoes are nice and organized.
Continue Reading DIY Organizer Projects
We all need easy organizing ideas and these projects are quick and easy to make.
Easy to Build Shoe Organizer Tray
The beauty of this simple wood shoe storage tray is the angled boards. They are attached in sections creating 2 specific rows for shoes. It is a great way for kids to organize their shoes too!
Continue Reading Easy DIY Earring Stand
This simple table-top earring stand holds both dangling and stud earrings. Perfect for keeping your favorite earrings organized.
Continue Reading DIY Drawer Dividers for Perfectly Organized Drawers
One of the things I always struggled with was organizing my kitchen drawers-until now! This DIY drawer divider is easy to make and holds so much.
Continue Reading Easy DIY Earring Holder using no Power Tools
No power tools needed for this DIY earring holder.
Continue Reading DIY Gift Ideas
Whether you need a gift for Father's Day, Mother's Day, or a birthday, you will love these simple, but useful DIY ideas.
Nightstand Valet Docking Station: DIY Gift Idea
Make a DIY nightstand valet that keeps everything nice and neat on the nightstand. No more missing phone cords or watches.
Continue Reading Easy Lap Desk with Storage: DIY Gift Idea
Learn how to make an easy DIY lap desk that has a handy storage area inside. This is a gift anyone would love to receive!
Continue Reading DIY Headphone Stand
Make a fun DIY headphone stand that can be made in no time. This is a gift for kids or adults.
Continue Reading Easy to Build DIY Cookbook Stand
How about a gift for Mom that includes her favorite cookbook and a DIY cookbook stand? This is something to be enjoyed for years to come.
Continue Reading Easy DIY Builds
It's so easy to make these DIY projects with the included build plans. And they can all be made in just a couple hours!
How to Build Cabinet Doors Cheap
These DIY shaker cabinet doors are easy to build and look amazing. You can update your old cabinet doors without spending a fortune. 
Continue Reading Nesting Plant Stands Build Plans
Adding plants to your home is a great idea. You can build your own beautiful DIY nesting plant stands using inexpensive scrap wood.
Continue Reading How to Make a Window Cornice Box
This beautiful rustic wood cornice can be made in just minutes and makes a huge statement in any room. Plus, it can be made for just a few dollars!
Continue Reading Simple Modern Coffee Table Build Plans
You will love the clean lines of this DIY modern coffee table and the included free build plans.
Continue Reading DIY Drum Ceiling Light Upcycle
This easy DIY is perfect for adding style to any home on a budget. It's a great way to update those outdated lights quickly and easily.
Continue Reading Easy to Build Shutter Decor
These easy shutters make beautiful wall decor. I love them paired with a vintage window.
Continue Reading How To Build A Desk In A Closet
Learn how to add a desk in a closet. It's budget-friendly, and perfect for small spaces.
Read the Guide DIY Kitchen Projects
Add personal touches to your home with this handmade DIY kitchen projects. They not only look pretty, but they are also useful.
DIY Spice Rack Ideas for an Organized Kitchen
Make a chalkboard spice rack that will look great in any style kitchen.
Continue Reading DIY Farmhouse Style Produce Basket
This totally awesome DIY farmhouse style produce basket is a great way to keep fruit handy. Hopefully, the kids will grab a piece of fruit instead of junk food. We can hope, right?
Continue Reading Farmhouse Paper Towel Holder DIY
This beautiful paper towel holder is easy to build. And the added shelf makes the perfect storage spot for useful items.
Continue Reading DIY Wood Cake Stand
These DIY wood cake stands are gorgeous and you can never have too many cake stands.
Continue Reading DIY Rustic Chalkboard Herb Drying Rack
Make your own DIY rustic chalkboard herb drying rack with this simple tutorial. It's so useful and also looks great in your kitchen.
Continue Reading DIY Wall Art
Make your home pretty with these quick to make wall art projects!
Easy DIY Rustic USA Wood Sign
Use scrap wood, pallet wood or old frames to make a rustic DIY wood sign.
Continue Reading Build Easy Rustic Picture Frames in 20 Minutes
This rustic picture frame can be made in 20 minutes. Use up old scrap wood to make it very budget-friendly.
Read the Guide 7 Minute Eucalyptus Wreath Tutorial
Make a gorgeous eucalyptus wreath can be made in just 7 minutes. It can be displayed year round too!
Continue Reading DIY Clipboard Picture Frame with Beadboard
Add scrap beadboard to a picture frame and add a pretty seasonal printable for instant DIY wall art. Use the clip to change out the printable.
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