This Street Style Star’s Home Is as Cool and Layered As You’d Expect

Every week, Bed Threads founder Genevieve Rosen-Biller takes us inside the homes of Australia’s top designers and creatives. 

Tash Sefton has an impeccable eye. As one of the first street style influencers in Australia, she is perhaps best known for her ability to pair distressed jeans and a tailored blazer with ease, but a glimpse inside the mother of two’s home suggests her taste extends beyond the closet. It should hardly come as a surprise given her latest venture, Sefton&Segedin, an online destination for affordable art and decor founded with her sister, Hayley. 

Although it’s thoughtfully layered, there’s nothing precious about the family home. Original art hangs next to framed drawings by her sons, Jay (12) and Mac (6), and stacks of fashion and interior design books adorn the nightstand and shelves. Take a look inside. 
How would you describe what you do for a living?
We (my sister Hayley Segedin and I) draw, paint, and make pieces that can be styled in your home, office, or wherever you like. They’re mostly based around monochromatic ink line drawings, which is the biggest part of our collection. We have also developed this technique onto clothing, swimwear, pottery, and large-scale canvases.
Photography by Sevak BabakhaniHow did you initially know this was the space for you?
I didn’t want to leave the beachfront we were living in, but my husband secretly looked and found this space without telling me. When he showed me, I fell in love with the high ceilings, single-level floor plan, and hardwood floors. (Plus, it’s only seven minutes away from the beach!)
Photography by Sevak Babakhani Photography by Sevak Babakhani How does your home reflect you as a person?
People know me for my fashion style, and how I dress comes across in my home too. I love high-end designer fashion brands for their beauty and quality but like to mix it up—high-street with high-end. This allows me to avoid being trendy or coming off too branded. I like to be able to mix classics with vintage, trend, and basics. This is how I style our home too. It’s the same concept.
Photography by Sevak BabakhaniWhat are your favorite pieces in your home and why do you love them?
Our book collection. My husband and I both love books but about very different topics—Mark’s are all business, science, and history, while mine are about fashion, interiors, and art. We have books everywhere in the house. 
When did you start to build an art collection?
Hayley and I grew up with lots of art in our family home, and when Mark and I got married, our family bought us art instead of a typical wedding present. (We didn’t want a toaster!) Then, Mark and I instituted an anniversary present rule where we buy art each year rather than separate presents.
Photography by Sevak BabakhaniWhich is your favorite room in the house?
The kitchen and dining area. We spend lots of time there eating as a family. And the back deck is pretty special in summer. It’s covered by an enormous jacaranda tree that is just stunning when in full bloom.

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