This Vibrating Sloth Reading Pillow Will Ensure You Never Get Up From the Couch

As the temperature starts to drop, your Netflix queue starts building up, and the pile of books on your nightstand gets higher and higher, it's clear that hibernating season is upon us and staying in sounds a lot better than going out. And what better way to bask in the great indoors than by cuddling up with a friendly massaging pillow? Urban Outfitters is selling a Vibrating Plush Pillow perfect for back support while reading, catching up on TV, and pretty much any activity that has you sinking into the depths of your couch.

The two-pound fleece pillow created by LA-based brand Smoko comes with the necessary batteries and is adorned with the cutest sloth design. Because when you yourself are transitioning into the slow-paced lifestyle of a sloth, it's best to do it with an equally chill companion. Shop the $49 pillow ahead.
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