Want to Enjoy a New Year This Fall? Let Nothing Stop You from Writing Your Resolutions Now!

How wacky am I, right? Implying that September is the beginning of the new year. Follow me here: I think it is an even better time to make plans for productivity than the real start of the new year. Let me explain.
The “New” Can Begin Now
On January 1st, we all think about how we are going to do better in the coming year, whatever doing better means: work harder, work less, get in shape, lose weight, make more time for family and friends, learn a new skill.

You name it, we promise ourselves we’re going to do it. But it is a pretty dreary time of year and no one wants to jump in feet first when it’s dreary, so we put things off. Besides, we have 12 months to get all those things done, right?

But here we are in September, and summer is in the rearview mirror. That alone makes me grouchy. And to think that there are still some things left on the table from my resolutions last January – it can get a little depressing and defeating.

So, here’s what I suggest you do to battle the blues: get out a piece of paper and write down a few things you would like to accomplish before we say goodbye to 2019. They can be personal, professional, family and friends. They can be whatever you think you can and should improve in that much time.

Want to date? Don’t wait until January when you could be snuggling with someone by then if you start now. Want to get in shape? Why not get a head start?

See how much can change in just a few months and you will feel great about yourself by just pushing a little harder right now. Don’t waste the time and say that you will do it after December. You won’t. You know you won’t. Do it now.
I Can’t Do Anything Until After X Mindset
I have a friend who always says that she can’t do anything until X is over. Then X comes and goes, and she can’t do anything until Y. Now, she still has Z hanging out there not getting done.

When I talk with her, it is clear that the needle never moves forward in her life, that absolutely nothing changes. It makes me sad to think of all that time burning away when she could be accomplishing more by just moving one foot forward.
Make Your Plans Now
When you think about September, it makes perfect sense to use it as a springboard for action over the last few months of the year.

So, pretend this is New Year’s Eve and you are making plans, not for the next year, but for the next few months and just see where that thought leads you.

You might find that there are a lot of small “resolutions” you want to make before 2020 shows up: something as small as reading that book that has been on the nightstand all summer, or wanting to make some gifts for the holidays. For me, it is taking piano lessons!

I guarantee that if you sit down for just a few minutes and jot out a couple of items that might be nice to start on before the holidays kick in, you will find that you feel great about the initiative that you took to get started or finished, the productivity that you put into action, and the results of your efforts.

Then, kick back, put your feet up, and enjoy everything that accomplishment allows you to feel. Enjoy the last month of the year and get ready to make your list again for 2020!

What items are you going to put on your list for September and the following months? If anything is stopping you from moving forwards, what is it? Please share your thoughts with the community and let’s have a discussion.
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