**We are thrilled to team up with Walmart and RewardStyle to style this coastal bedroom

All opinions are our own, and man, do we love what we found!***

 We are in the process of building a home as our family of 8 has nearly out grown our small home. It’s been such a wonderful home to us for the past nearly 9 years, but we’re excited to have a bit more room to breathe. I’ve learned a LOT through the beginning of the building process. I’ve ALWAYS loved coastal design, but was afraid it wouldn’t fit in on our cattle ranch. Cows and coastal? Say, WHAT? I can’t possibly combine the two!
When I mentioned this to our home designer, she quickly reminded me, that coastal DOESN’T have to be sea shells and surfboards, but rather,
an overall color pallete and feel.
We’re talking soothing colors (blues, greys, creams etc) and natural fabrics and materials (Jute, light wood, etc).
Once I got this idea in my head, it was no turning back.

I was thrilled to see Walmart had SO many choices that fit this coastal vibe. Not only are their prices unbeatable, Walmart also offers SO many style choices! You can really find something for YOUR home and specific style. Farmhouse? Boho? Traditional? They have it all. Not to mention, they offer FREE 2 day shipping on MANY items when you spend $35+. I was super impressed with shipping times, even for larger home furniture and decor. 
Our new house isn’t done yet, but you better believe this coastal bedroom design will be traveling with me when we move in.
The soothing simplicity just speaks to me! I want our bedroom to be a refugee from the chaos of 6 kids. 
The combination of the blue, white, and cream tones are so calming. Don’t you think?

I was super impressed by the quality of this comforter set.
It was obvious to me why it was a bestseller. It’s lush! 
The set included the comforter, 2 shams, and 1 decorative pillow. I love whole sets like this because, for me, it’s a bit easier to put together!
The cotton chambray’s jacquard weave has a diamond design that is actually stitched INTO the comforter. It creates a bit of a raised pattern, that really adds a subtle texture. The ends are clipped so it almost has a frayed look that I adore! No doubt, this set has character!
And can we just touch on that color? 

I paired it with navy sheets to create some dimension and color contrast. The different shades of blue really compliment each other.  I also snagged THESE throw pillows.
I could do a whole post on just these pillows.
First off, amazing quality. Super soft and dense. Mine are in a linen color that are a shade of white, but with a more natural, warmer, linen fabric. The button on the front just adds a pop of natural wood while still being subtle. And, of course, the price is rockin’ for a set of 2!

I wanted a lighter wood nightstand to bring out the cream in the headboard, and to lighten things up overall.
I have to be honest, I was nervous about what the quality would be like since these nightstands were so inexpensive.  I didn’t need to worry! Even my husband was impressed! They are sturdy and well made!
I feel like the design is spot on and could really fit in a variety of styles. 
The wood is a really pretty light, almost white washed color, that reminded me washed up wood you find on the beach.

Another super impressive feature of these night stands was a built in USB port. We are LOVING that!

Every night stand needs a lamp!
This clear glass style fit in perfect to the light and airy look I was going for. They have a slight bevel all over the base, and let off a warm light under the white shade. 
I think they’re just gorgeous.
(They also come in a pretty, but slightly bolder BLUE color HERE.)

Storage can be an issue in ANY home.
I’m ALWAYS needed more places to stick things like extra blankets, or even kiddo toys in some rooms.  I found these colorblocked baskets. I love the size and how they fit just the right amount of blankets. You could even use them as laundry baskets. Unfortunately, they sold out, but I found many other options HERE.

I’m super happy with how things turned out. I love how we brought a coastal feel into our bedroom, without even a seashell in sight!
The colors, the materials and textures, the lighting…it all creates such a beautiful space where we can do a LOT of living.
And we do a LOT of living.

Now, if we could just work on that “escape from the (almost) 6 kids” I spoke of earlier……;)

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