Dromedary Camel

Dromedary Camel

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Also known as the Arabian camel, the dromedary is the smallest of all camel species and the only kind that has a single hump. Their counterpart is the Bactrian camel, which is larger and has a pair of humps on its back.


  • Scientific Name: Camelus dromedarius
  • Characteristics: Native to the hot deserts of the Middle East, India, and Africa, we’re sure this camel would love a chance to cool down on your nightstand or desk! Crafted and painted by hand with an immaculate attention to detail, all Safari models are exceptional as teaching aids and toys for creative and imaginative play.
  • Size and Color: 3.75 inches tall and 5.75 inches long, this figurine is about an inch larger in both dimensions than a soda can resting on its side. The dromedary camel’s fur is typically light brown, although their coloring can range from dark brown to creamy white.
  • The Dromedary Camel is part of the Wild Safari® Wildlife collection
  • All of our products are Non-toxic and BPA free

  • History:

    Researchers believe that members of the camel family may have lived in North American millions of years ago. Prior to the ice age, camels moved across the Bering Strait and dispersed widely into Asia, Europe, and Africa. In Asia, two groups separated and slowly evolved into what we know today as the the dromedary and Bactrian camels..

    • Recommended Age: 3
    • Size in cm: 15 L x 3.5 W x 9 H
    • Size in inches: 5.91 L x 1.38 W x 3.54 H