Liberty HDX-150 Smart Vault Biometric Handgun & Pistol Safe

Liberty HDX-150 Smart Vault Biometric Handgun & Pistol Safe

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Liberty HDX-150 Smart Vault Biometric Handgun & Pistol Safe

The Liberty HDX-150 Smart Vault is a biometric safe that allows you to have quick access to your handguns using the 5th Generation biometric technology. Most of the other biometric handgun safes on the market today have a high false read rate. This technology allows for accurate finger print reads and has the lowest read rate on the market today.

Every second counts when your life is in danger and a burglar is in your home. Here is where the speed comes in. Swipe your finger and gain access to your handgun in 1 second (if you use the optional A/C adapter). If it is plugged in, it is on all the time so it is ready when you need it. If you use the 9V battery option, it will take just under 2 seconds (or if you want to be exact 1.63). Still pretty quick compared to fumbling around with a key or pushing in a combination.

Program up to 15 different fingerprints (all of your fingers if you want) plus family members and friends/family. It has a 1/100,000 false acceptance rate which is very high compared to the competition which is typically 1/3,000 - 1/5,000 making this safe one of the best in the industry. The Liberty HDX-150 is designed to be portable and can fit in a nightstand or even in your car. A security cable is also included or you can bolt it to a solid surface using the provided bolt down holes.

This biometric handgun safe can hold 1 handgun plus some other small items. It is made with a heavy duty 14 gauge steel and has a reinforced latch system, designed to resist pry attacks and other attempts to gain entry. Liberty is one of the best gun safe manufactures out there and they have built this vault just like their other products to protect your firearms.

Liberty stands behind all of their products and they have included a 5-year replacement warranty on any defects on the HDX-150.

Made in the USA, this safe will protect what protects you and keep your handguns away from your children and anyone who shouldn't have access.

*Disclaimer: Not recommended for age group 55 and above. Due to thinning fingerprints, ALL fingerprint readers will lose accuracy with increasing age.


  • The most reliable BIOMETRIC system available.
  • Quick and Secure finger swipe access.
  • 15 Fingerprint Memory.
  • Tamper Resistant Design.
  • Lighted Interior.
  • Tough 14-gauge steel construction.
  • Fits most handgun sizes.
  • Key Backup.
  • Portable, security cable included.
  • 5-year warranty.
  • Grey marble finish.

***California Department of Justice approved***