Retractable Drawer Divider - 2PCS
Retractable Drawer Divider - 2PCS

Retractable Drawer Divider - 2PCS

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Divide drawers and create compartments to organize all of your kitchen and household items
They can be adjusted vertically or horizontally creating organization while optimizing space in most standard-sized drawers.

Product Features

  • KEEP YOUR DRESSER DRAWERS ORGANIZED: Do you have trouble finding your socks and underwear in those stuffed and messy dresser drawers? These dresser drawer dividers are going to help you organize your clothes and keep your drawers neat and organized at all times!

  • MULTIPURPOSE DRAWER DIVIDERS: These drawer organizers can be installed in any drawer of your house. For example, you can install them as silverware and utensil drawer organizers for your kitchen, towel or makeup drawer organizers for your bathroom and even as a bookcase and shelf dividers!

  • EXPANDABLE AND ADJUSTABLE DESIGN: Our desk drawer organizers come in packs of 2 and each one is 2 inches high and 12-20 inches long. You can, therefore, extend the baby clothes dividers and adjust them to the size of any drawer in your house or office.

  • MATERIALS THAT WON’T FAIL YOU: Made with heavy-duty plastic and durable Eva foam, these white underwear drawer organizers are guaranteed to remain as good as new for a very long time.

Product Details

  • Organize bedroom dresser drawers and nightstands in children, tween, teen and adult bedrooms
  • The dividers expand to the desired length and lock into place to keep everything situated
  • This expandable divider is easy to install, and it is very useful
  • Instantly organize any drawer in your kitchen, craft room, office, or garage with this drawer dividers
  • Retractable drawer divider can customize your drawers to perfectly fit your storage needs

Product Includes

  • 2pcs x Retractable Drawer Divider