SenseMax Sense VR Headset

SenseMax Sense VR Headset

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We met the team from SenseMax at the XBIZ show in Miami and immediately recognized the sleek clean design. They incorporate a subtle look in their products similar to what you find in other high end brands as  and . The outer shell is not stiff but instead is flexible to allow for maximum control. Their line is largely Nightstand-Safe!

Boundless views in our VR world. Sync with and . Gain access to interactive synced content through the .


  • Lightweight design and comfort straps allow you to focus on the action at hand.
  • Size: 195 x 118 x 102 mm. FOV 96 degrees.
  • Compatible screen size- 4.7-6.0 - Best screen size - 5.1-5.7
  • Long-sight range 0-200. Short sight range 0-800.
  • -1 year warranty

Use with .