Educational Clock - Learn How to Read Time on a Clock

Educational Clock - Learn How to Read Time on a Clock

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Details: Teaching Your Kids To Tell Time Just Got Easier!

Using our children's time clock will engage your child in a fun and informative way. The engaging layout means their attention is secured, while the easy to read numbers and hands means they'll quickly be able to get used to putting all of the numbers together.

Encouraging Creative Learning!

The cognitive development our clocks provide isn't just for making sense of the numbers, it also helps kids with problem solving and critical thinking.

The Psychology of Kids and Time

During early development it's laborious for kids to comprehend time and its relation to the day. They'll try to understand why the day is laid out the way it is, with certain events like lunch, or story time taking place in a certain order. Our clock makes the transition easier, breaking down time into hours and minutes in a way that children understand helps them learn to tell the time.

Use Our Analog Clock for Your Kids Wall and They'll Never Stop Learning!

Designed by Parents, for Parents

At Owlclinic we made our child's needs the sole focus behind creating this children's clock for learning. Using our experience with other, less successful time clocks for kids we knew what changes we had to make so that our child would be able to truly learn. We bring this balance of simplicity and efficiency to other parents so that they can help their kids learn faster!

A Great Gift for a Developing Mind!

Our clock makes the ideal gift for any child who's just getting old enough to where they can read numbers. With a fun layout, non-distracting colors and a simple to understand format, we're confident your child will be able to read any clock in no time!

Product Materials

Our children's analog clock is made of an easy to clean plastic body and acrylic face.

Product Color

Our clock for kids with a silver frame fits any room design.


  • YOUR KIDS LEARN THE TIME with our specially designed analog kids wall clock that lets them see what time it is using colored numbers. With each quarter broken down into a specific color, it's easier than ever for your kids to remember and retain where each minute is. Telling time on our timepiece is easy and fun and teaching children is a breeze thanks to helpful references like "o'clock," "quarter past," "half past," and "quarter to."
  • YOUR CHILD GETS ALL THE INFORMATION THEY NEED on our educational clock. For kids to learn time efficiently our design had to be easy to understand, labeling each quarter with a different color would provide an easy way for your child or toddler to quickly create an association between the numbers and where they are. Each hand is also labeled in order to avoid any possible confusion, every minute is represented on the clock, meaning your child will always be able to see the exact time.
  • SIMPLY DESIGNED FOR EASY TEACHING. At Owlconic we designed the clock to help when we were teaching our own child to learn how to read time. She was unable to learn the time using any other time clocks for kids, so we knew we had to create one that was simpler while still being educational. Our child was able to learn to read time thanks to this design, and we wanted to share it with other parents whose kids were learning time.
  • WE EVEN MADE IT SAFE & EASY TO CARE FOR! With easy to find AA batteries being the power source, it's easy to keep this educational clock in working order. Our children's clock is also easy to clean, with a safe clear acrylic face that allows you to quickly and efficiently wipe off any gathered dust. Made from good quality non-toxic plastic, with lead free paint. A lightweight clock that can be placed anywhere, from a classroom's wall to just above a kid's nightstand in their room.
  • AN ASSET TO ANY CLASSROOM OR BEDROOM. Our clock makes an ideal gift for anyone in your life who works with young children, or as a gift for your own child. The color coded clock keeps them engaged and makes the process of learning time easier for kids. The quality silent sweep movement makes it a great addition for a preschool or elementary school room. Put it up on the classroom wall and our analog clock is guaranteed to make it significantly easier for all the children to understand time.


Color: White, Silver

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Warranty: If your clock is damaged or defective in any way please contact us, so we can arrange to fix any issue for you.

EAN: 9369998006212

Package Dimensions: 11.1 x 11.1 x 2.2 inches