The Supernal Recliner Bed System

The Supernal Recliner Bed System

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You may be looking for a more comfortable solution than what you might find from a traditional bed, or you may require the features of a hospital bed in your home. Whatever your reason for needing a hi-low bed in your home, Transfer Master’s Supernal Recliner Bed System can be the solution to help you sleep more comfortably in your home. A hi-low bed that can be adjusted from head to toe, the American-made Supernal Sleep System is designed to hide all of its electric components. This allows the bed to look like any other so you can receive guests in your bedroom without feeling self-conscious.

Key Features for the Supernal Recliner Plus

  • Head and foot adjustability
  • Hugs the wall to allow you to easily reach your nightstand
  • Cradles your pillow with a European style head tilt
  • Lighted, DC-powered controller
  • Low settings make it easy to get in and out of bed
  • Fits 110- or 220-volt robust massage motors

The Supernal Hi-Low Bed has all the components of the Recliner Plus, but also features a 10-inch height adjustment and a hi-low “bolt on” to make for easy setup and adjustment.

Supernal Recliner Bed System Mattresses & Covers

With mattresses available in sizes from Twin all the way up to Dual King, the Supernal Recliner Bed System offers two options for mattress styles and covers to allow you to customize your bed to fit your unique needs. Whatever your needs, Transfer Master can help you sleep easier with the Supernal Sleep System.

Supernal Recliner Bed System Mattress Options

Each Supernal bed features two mattress options. The Ascent I and the Soft Touch each have their own set of unique features to help you sleep comfortably.

  • Ascent I Mattress Features
    • Progressive laminated foam to promote healthy skin
    • Border edge protection
    • Bedding solution designed to promote comfort and health
  • Soft Touch Mattress Features
    • Form-fitting, memory foam core that shapes to your body
    • Border edge protection

You can choose your mattress when you place your order by calling 1-877-445-6233 to speak with a member of our expert staff.

Supernal Recliner Bed System Cover Options

Whether you’re looking for a softer feel in your bed cover or one that can be easily cleaned, you can find bed cover to fit your Supernal bed with our two options, the Natural Bamboo Quilted Cover and the Stretch Fabric Cover Elements.

  • Natural Bamboo Quilted Cover Features


    • Provides a comfortable sleeping environment
    • Softer, silkier feel
    • Contains anti-bacterial, deodorizing and breathable properties
    • Made with Joma wool filling to absorb and evaporate moisture
  • Stretch Fabric Cover Features
    • Waterproof cover with a soft, fabric feel
    • Easy to clean with household cleaners
    • Provides protection for your Supernal mattress